Deepti Naval on her new book inaugurated by Amitabh Bachchan (Interview)

Bollywood Actress Deepti NavalNov 7, 2011 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Bollywood actor Deepti Naval talks about her recently released book that was inaugurated by megastar Amitabh Bachchan, its back story, her upcoming ventuers. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

Deepti Naval revealed the author in her with the release of her new collection of short stories, The Mad Tibetan- Stories From Then And Now. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu in conversation with the actor-poet-painter-photographer, who recently turned filmmaker as well

Why did you name the book The Mad Tibetan?

We had to make the title of the book based on one of the stories. For a considerable time

my editor Sanjana and I, both decided the name of the book with be Piano Tuner and Other Stories. But by the time I finished writing Mad Tibetan, I wanted to name the book after it…I suppose the name was prominent in my head as it was most recently written as compared to other stories.

What is the story all about?

The Mad Tibetan is the story of Ruth Mayberry. I was born and brought up in New York and I have some friends there. The story is inspired by those relationships. I lost one of my close friends in the last year or two. The story is inspired by her. This is the only story in the book that is not related to India.

How long did it take to pen and put the stories together?

There are some stories in this book which are from early 80s…then beech mein I wrote two-three stories. But basically it is a work of the last one-and-a-half to two years. And I am most satisfied after having done this piece of work.

Was it difficult to convince Amitabh Bachchan to come and inaugurate the book?

I didn’t have to convince him. I just requested him and he said: ‘Okay, I will come and inaugurate the book’. He was very gracious, it was really nice of him. I am very happy that the book was released by Amitji.

Do you prefer to be known as a writer or actor?

I love acting. But, I think, writing is a more intimate thing for me…it’s what I have to say about things around me, about life…it’s my observations and my take on life. Once Maheshji (Bhatt, filmmaker) told me that if you want to be a good actress, then don’t do anything else; just put your heart and soul into acting. But I could not stick to that unfortunately (smiles).

When did you start writing?

I have been writing for a long time…almost when I started my career as an actor…in fact, I have always been writing. I started with poetry and published two books. The first one was Lamha-Lamha… it was published in the early 80s (1981)…I call it my childhood work because it was from that romantic period of life when you are not aware of the reality of life. After that, four-five years back, there was another book on poetry- Black Wind and Other Poems (2004). That was more hard-hitting, more intense and crucial work.  That book has a section called The Silent Scream that has 24 poems about women living in mental asylums…the poems were based on the way I observed them and felt about them. It was kind of issue-based work. 

Of all the books you have written so far, which one is your favourite?

I can’t say which book I wrote better among all. But all I can say is that I am more attached to The Mad Tibetan as it is recently written.

You are trying your hand at filmmaking as well…

Yes, I have written and directed a film. It’s called Do Paise Ki Dhoop, Chaar Aane Ki Baarish. The film should release by February-March next year.  Manisha Koirala has done the main role in the film.

What inspires you to do so many things at a time?

Life inspires me.

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