Deepika Padukone says no to Nana Patekar Film

Nana Patekar is preparing for his second directorial venture after having directed ‘Prahaar’ in 1991, but without the leading lady of his choice – Deepika Padukone.

Buy Prahaar starring Nana Patekar
Buy Prahaar starring Nana Patekar

Mumbai, March 6 (Calcutta Tube) Nana Patekar is preparing for his second directorial venture after having directed ‘Prahaar‘ in 1991, but without the leading lady of his choice – Deepika Padukone. He is an angry man, who can flare up and take on the system for a cause – but that’s Nana Patekar in reel life. In real life he’s unwilling to raise his voice and protest, for, as he asks – ‘Why should Nana die?’

Asked why he doesn’t protest or at least comment when the industry finds itself at the receiving end of politics, he said: ‘What should I comment on, against whom should I protest? I don’t do or say anything because I don’t have team or party.’

He added: ‘If I say something you will support me. After I say it, if I am threatened, beaten or if someone breaks my head, you will still support me, but you’ll be inside your house. If Nana is stabbed, murdered, burnt alive, then also you will support me, but won’t come out because you are worried about yourself. So why should Nana die?

‘I think we should all protest but together. We don’t need to throw stones at one another, murder them or rape them, nothing but just speak against them. You are in media; beyond your job you are a very sensitive human being. It is everyone’s problem and we should fight it together.’

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‘I think next year you will see my directorial venture. I wanted Deepika to play the female lead, but she said that she won’t do it. Let’s see. It’s a love story based in late 40s and early 50s,’ Patekar told IANS in an interview.

He has two films – ‘Paathshaala’ and ‘Rajneeti’ – releasing in the middle of this year, but between them his role in the second is closer to his heart.

‘It’s an amazing film. In ‘Rajneeti’ everyone gave tremendous performances…all of them. After a long time, I have got a very nice role,’ Patekar said.

He said the accusation that he is media shy is not true and revealed he does not stay in Mumbai if he is not working because it’s tough for him to cope with the kind of lifestyle the city demands.

‘I am not media shy, but I don’t stay in the city. When I am working only then I am in the city. My home is in Pune, below Seemagarh (fort). I have a nice house. It’s very difficult to cope with this (Mumbai) kind of life,’ he said.

Asked what keeps him busy when he is not working, he said: ‘I am either writing or reading. Sometimes I do farming too.’

He maintains that whatever he has written, he is not going to publish in his lifetime because it is too personal and he doubts if anyone would be able to understand it.

‘Whatever I have written is too personal and I would not like to publish it. When I am not there whether people would get the chance to read it or not, I don’t know. It is too personal. I don’t know whether you would understand or not. I am worried about that, that’s why I am not willing to publish it. Kind of words I have used…I have written both in Marathi and Hindi…it may be misinterpreted,’ said Patekar.

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