Deepa Sahi shoots for Hindi film ‘Tere Mere Phere’ in Himachal

Mumbai, Aug 11 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Actor-turned-filmmaker Deepa Sahi recently made new hunk of B- town Jagrat Desai strip in -2°C temperature at Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh as she shoots for her upcoming film ‘Tere Mere Phere’.

Jagrat, who makes his debut in Bollywood with Sahi’s Tere Mere Phere, had a freezing experience in Himachal Pradesh.

The scene involved Jagrat Desai and Sasha Goradia newly married couple involved in a huge fight, and Jagrat task was to cheer up his upset newlywed bride. That sounded simple enough till he heard the plans of director Sahi.
She wanted Jagrat to strip for the sequence in freezing temperature of Himachal Pradesh. Jagrat went numb just with the thought itself, as Sasha also developed goose pimples thinking if Deepa Sahi had some crazy tasks in store for her too!!!

Sahi wanted this comic scene to be absolutely whacky just like Jagrat’s character but filled with love and romance in it as the young couple is out on their honeymoon trip.

She came up with this cool idea that sent shivers down Jagrat’s spine.
Said Sahi: “We were supposed to do a song shoot in beautiful location of Rohtang Pass but I wanted to try something that is wacky with this young full of life couple. Seeing both of them in their warm coats gave me this weird thought that what if have to ask them to take a dip in the water.
“But then I thought it was really unrealistic and hence the naughty idea of getting Jagrat to take off his trousers and shirt in a spur of moment and doing a jig to patio his wife.”

Newbie Jagrat had no choice but perform it to the hilt for his taskmaster.

“Putting up a brave act I tried my best to so there are not many retakes, fortunately the shot came out extremely well but will never be able to forget this freezing shoot,” he said.
 “The movie has been shot in Himachal Pradesh and it was difficult to shoot in extremely low temperatures and Deepaji wanted me to strip for this scene which was being shot at Rohtang. When we reached the location the temperature was minus 2 °C and I had to take off my t-shirt, drop my pants and perform a gig only in boxers.
The wind felt as if it was piercing my body but all thanks to the Deepaji, she had ensured there were heavy woolens blankets and shawls to cover me up instantly,” he said.
“With the sound of Deepaji said ‘cut’, crew ran towards me and covered me. The bon fire and hot tea took care of me and the chilling weather thereafter.

“So apart from the physical challenge, tough job was to be romantic and have a happy expression please my love,” he said.

Sahi’s directorial debut Tere Mere Phere is romantic road trip comedy with loads of action and thrill. The story is a road trip comedy that unfolds in the picturesque valley of Himachal so most of its shooting happened in the beautiful mountain range.

Tere Mere Phere is releasing on 30th September.

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