Dead Ringer (1964)

Dead Ringer (1964)
Director: Paul Henreid
Producer: William H. Wright



  • Bette Davis    …     Margaret DeLorca / Edith Phillips (Double Role)
  • Karl Malden    …     Sergeant Jim Hobbson
  • Peter Lawford    …     Tony Collins
  • Philip Carey    …     Sergeant Hoag
  • Jean Hagen    …     Dede Marshall
  • George Macready    …     Paul Harrison
  • Estelle Winwood    …     Dona Anna
  • George Chandler    …     George, Chauffeur
  • Mario Alcalde    …     Garcia
  • Cyril Delevanti    …     Henry, the Butler
  • Monika Henreid    …     Janet
  • Bert Remsen    …     Daniel ‘Dan’ Lister, Bartender
  • Charles Watts    …     Apartment Manager
  • Ken Lynch    …     Captain Johnson
Note: Dead Ringer is also known as Who is Buried in my Grave?
Tagline: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, now who’s the fairest twin of all?


Edith Phillips  is the twin sister of Margaret DeLorca, a very wealthy lady who once stole Edith’s lover Frank. Edith is extremeley poor and the bar she runs is going out of business. Edith desperately needs to survive and finds  her way by killing Margaret DeLorca. She plans the whole plot to look like Edith committing suicide. Edith then takes the place of Margaret DeLorca in her magnificient palace. Edith’s boyfriend and well wisher Sergeant Jim Hobbson is in charge of the case, but unfortunately could not recognize Margaret as Edith.

Later, Edith finds that Margaret had a lover – Tony Collins. The two of them together arsenic-poisoned Frank which was taken by the police as a heart attack. Tony finds out the truth about the real Edith pretending Margaret and starts blackmailing her. Sergeant Jim Hobbson, out of his suspision about Tony on the other hand, digs Frank’s body out of the grave and finds out that he was poisoned. The police arrest the false Mrs DeLorca as the murderer of Frank DeLorca and sentenced her to death. Edith gets her last chance to confess to Jim of her true identity, but she chooses not to break the respectful loving image of Eddie that Jim harbours in his mind.

Edith pays for the crime she did not commit and was never found guilty for the crime she actually did!

CalcuttaTube Rating: 4.5/5
Highly Recommended movie. Superb thriller of all time. Touching story of an unfortunate woman who tries to make her own fortune, but ironically falls into an unknown trap.


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