Databazaar Media Ventures brings Ekti Tarar Khonje to NABC, fights against piracy of Bengali films-Special Coverage

Arpita and Shayan Munshi
Arpita Chatterjee-Shayan Munshi

July 8, 2010, (CalcuttaTube): Databaazar Media Ventures (DMV) promoting Bengali films in North America is one of the sponsors of North America Bengali Conference (NABC) 2010 in Atlantic City, New Jersey organized by Kallol. To be held at the Atlantic City Convention Center on July 9, 10 and 11, the NABC 2010 will host Bengali celebrities and stars like Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Samares Majumdar, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Indrani Sen, Manomoy Bhattacharya, Bickram Ghosh and many others.

The NABC will also have an exclusive coverage of the Shayan Munshi, Arpita Chatterjee starrer Ekti Tarar Khonje (Stars Never Sleep) brought by the Databazaar Media Ventures. The Databazaar team will be present at the event with their collection of Bengali movies where fans may also get materials autographed by their favorite stars.

Databazaar started promoting Bengali films in the USA and Canada in large scale a few months back with Suman Ghosh’s Bengali movie Dwando. All of the films released by Databazaar are now available in various retail and online stores like Walmart, Blockbuster, Netflix, Best Buy, Amazon, videos on demand and iTunes.

DMV is trying hard to stop piracy of Bengali films. There has never been much enforcement of copyright issues in the arena of Bengali cinema. But Databazaar has now started acquiring copyrights for the Bengali movies they are promoting and is going to enforce laws on the Bengali entertainment as never before.

Along with selling their movies at the 2010 NABC, DMV will also keep an eye on illegal selling of their copyrighted films at the event that starts tomorrow. The organization has also made arrangements with NABC authorities regarding any kind of illegal promotions of their materials. In addition to that, DMV will also have its own law enforcement body. Violators will get legal notice from DMV attorneys.

“DMV is working with the copyrights and piracy issues in a very organized fashion and hopefully we will be able to control then to a very large extent,” says Oney Seal, the CEO of Databazaar Media Ventures.

Till now, there have not been much implementations of copyright infringement laws for Bengali films since there were not enough organizations to do so. But now with DMV promoting Bengali cinema in North America, situations are different. The laws will be strictly enforced by DMV and anyone not abiding with them would surely get into a lot of legal hazards.

“We will try our best to stop piracy of Bengali films. We have territorial copyrights in North America. Lawyers are also trying to stop illegal sharing of torrents, etc which are regulated by outsourced enforcement provider,” Oney tells CalcuttaTube.

When asked about the users’ responsibilities to stop engaging in illegal downloading of films, Oney replies that the ease of accessibility of films in good quality and at a cheaper price acts as the biggest incentive for a user to stay away from piracy.

DMV is also launching a website for online Bengali entertainment. At a user has three different ways of accessing contents which are not just movies, but also reality shows, serials, events.

1. With unlimited subscription you can watch all of the items unlimited.

2. With the ‘download to rent’ option, a user gets a four-day time period to watch the materials.

3. The third option is ‘download to save’.

In both downloading options one will have digital rights so piracy will not be an issue.

DMV is in talks with The Telegraph, Anandabazaar and other organizations to promote this viewing of its Bengali contents. Hopefully all these measures will help stop the piracy of Bengali films. This will again be the brought to attention of the audience at the NABC.

Oney Seal thinks that the Bengali film industry itself needs to be more conscious about the promotions of their films. The cast and the crew, along with production houses need to be more aware of the whole situation and the value of the industry itself. “The whole thing needs to be done in a more organized process. Just someone’s individual effort in saving the market of Bengali films is probably not enough. The potential revenue is very high from the promotion of Bengali films abroad and that is what the industry needs to be made made conscious about. Also we need to concentrate on the long term benefits and not merely on one-time profits. Most of the time a Bengali film loses an amout of Rs. 15 lakhs approx. which gap can easily be filled up,” explains Oney.

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