Daniel Radcliffe: I’m not a Hollywood kid

Los Angeles, Sep 3 (Calcutta Tube) Actor Daniel Radcliffe says he is puzzled by his reputation as a Hollywood actor as he had never been to Los Angeles before the 2007 premiere of the fifth installment of the ‘Harry Potter’ movie.

The 21-year-old admits he prefers New York, where he has appeared on Broadway, and often surprises movie executives when he reveals he’s never really spent much time in Los Angeles.

‘People seem to have a very bizarre perception of me – that I’m a Hollywood actor. I don’t think of myself that way,’ imdb.com quoted him as saying.

‘I went for the premiere of the fifth film, but other than that, I’d never really gone there before,’

‘When I was out there and telling people it was pretty much my first trip, jaws just hit the floor. They were looking at me like I had two heads,’ he said.

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