Dance India Dance contestants dating?


The exciting new season of ‘Dance India Dance’ took off yesterday and yet again the enthusiasm among contestants and viewers was beyond boundaries. Contestants now will be seen racing to become ‘dancing star’ but can you guess what made Shakti and Kuvar Amar’s romantic duet win ‘Performance of the Day’ award?

Master Terrence didn’t want to leave any stone unturned to make Shakti and Kuvar Amar’s (contestants) give their best but when they started with rehearsals he was not much happy.

“Shakti and Kuvar are very good dancers and I choreographed them for a beautiful ballet duet on romantic song ‘Khuda Jane’ and they were dancing well but something was missing and it was the chemistry,” says master Terrence. So what did Terrence do to spawn chemistry between his favourite students for the super-romantic number?

“I had to literally send them on a date to build up a chemistry and then when they got back on rehearsals I put on lights and told them to look into each other’s eyes and then follow the steps and date idea probably worked for the performance,” says Terrence. So, it was a date planned to enhance their chemistry.

So, the secret of the ‘Performance of the day’ is out and it was master Terrence’s formula that made Shakti and Amar sway like truly madly deeply in love.

-Chandana H Buch/ Sampurn Media

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