Dalits have low awareness about legal rights : Expert

Patna, March 6 (IANS) The poorest of the poor dalits and exploited sections of society have extremely low awareness about legal rights and judicial remedies which is impeding welfare and human rights objectives, a rights activist said Saturday.

‘Unless Dalits and marginalised sections of society are aware of their legal rights and are also aware of the ways and means to enforce them, they will not be able to enjoy rights and privileges accorded to them under Indian laws,’ Sarita Bhoi of the Dalit Rights Initiative of Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) said after the conclusion of a two day workshop on ‘Dalit Rights and the Law’.

The workshop was attended by 25 NGOs and 200 civil society representatives from across the country.

‘There is large scale ignorance about legal rights, together with ignorance and fear of the judicial options and procedures among dalits and exploited communities. The state of dalit affairs in Bihar leaves much to be desired,’ she said.

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