Dacoits loot gold worth over Rs.1 crore

Ghaziabad, Oct 30 (Calcutta Tube) About a dozen armed dacoits looted cash, mobile phones and jewellery worth over Rs.1 crore from a finance company in Ghaziabad Saturday, police said.

The incident took place around 9.30 a.m. at Muthoot Finance Limited’s office in Shalimar Garden Extension II, of Sahibabad locality. The company gave loan against gold.

Police said the dacoits armed with pistols barged into the company’s office, overpowered the security guard and snatched his gun, removed sensors of CCTV camera and destroyed two surveillance cameras before committing the dacoity.

‘They put a gun’s barrel in my mouth and thrashed even an executive, Sania,’ security guard Brijendra told IANS.

The dacoits over-powered branch manager S.K. Jha and hit him on the head with a gun when he resisted, police said.

The dacoits, who were in the office for 35 minutes, terrorised the staff by brandishing pistols, took the keys of the safety lockers from the accountant and looted the gold and Rs.6 lakh cash available with the cashier.

An inventory of the gold is being prepared and the exact amount of loss would be revealed only after it was ready, police said.

‘The dacoits took away between Rs.6-7 lakh cash and the gold that the company used to keep as surety. The looted gold is estimated to be about one to two kilogram,’ said Chandra Prakash, inspector general of UP police.

A staff member said an inventory of the looted articles was still being made but the dacoits seem to have looted four-five kilogram gold in addition to the cash.

‘Police showed a lax attitude towards the incident. Our executive Naveen Kumar who had gone out before the dacoits barged into office saw on his return that dacoits had taken over the office. He informed the corporate office and the police at 9.51 a.m. but the police reached only at 10.30 a.m.,’ said the company’s chief marketing manager Abhinav Chobey.

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