Cruel Intentions: Brij comes back to haunt Jyoti!


Having shown lots of unpredictable twist and turns earlier in the show, yet another disturbing incident will take place in the serial ‘Jyoti’, which produced by Sunjoy Wadhva of Sphere Origins.

Sameer Sharma aka Brij, who has been out for quite some time now, will be back again on the show to create more trouble in the life of Jyoti and her younger sister Sushma.

Brij the ex-lover of Jyoti who got married to her younger sister Sushma was last seen on the show when Jyoti and her brother Sandeep revealed his dark intentions and how he used Sushma for his benefits. After that he was kept underground.

On the entire episode, Sameer (Brij) says, "Keeping the viewers in mind there has to be such events occurring from time-to-time to keep the show interesting. I am really looking forward to the show and see the reaction when I re-enter the life of Jyoti with some more cruel intentions. My journey on the show has been outstanding so far, and the compliments from my fans have been constantly giving me the energy to keep up with the ongoing pace. I thank them for having shown faith in me and my acting, however I have stood there always and will also do the same in future."

Currently Jyoti is in dilemma as and Sudha’s marriage has let her and her family down in front of her in-laws. So now will she be able to handle this situation? Or will this problem change her life and distant Jyoti from her family?

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