Cross Connection (2009) Bengali Movie Review

Cross Connection is a Bengali movie directed by Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy starring Abir Chatterjee, Rimjhim Mitra, Ritwik Chakraborty, Payel Sarkar, Saswata Chatterjee, Kamalika, Sudeshna Roy and more. Cross connection is a comedy with some love and sex for the new generation. Check out reviews, photo gallery, trailers of Cross Connection at Calcutta Tube.

Cross Connection (2009) Bengali Movie Review
Cross Connection is a Bengali movie directed by Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy starring Abir Chatterjee, Rimjhim Mitra, Ritwik Chakraborty, Payel Sarkar, Saswata Chatterjee, Kamalika, Sudeshna Roy and more. Cross connection is a comedy with some love and sex for the new generation. Check out reviews, photo gallery, trailers of Cross Connection at Calcutta Tube.

Cross Connection (2009) Bengali Movie
Cross Connection (2009) Bengali Movie

Cross Connection – Exclusive Review
Reviewed by: Anirban De

Abhijit Guha and Sudheshna Roy direct an engaging comedy about the follies of youths, their egos, passions and promise a refreshing genre of comedy for the years to come with the ADULT touch to the story never being over emphasized. Satyaki Tarafder must be commended upon for his fascinating story and the crisp script of Padmanabha Dasgupta correctly supplements the humorous storyline. To cap it all we have Neel Dutt’s excellent background score that blends all too well with the moods and Anjan Dutt seemed his very best with both his voice and lyrics.

As to the acting Ritwick Chakrabarty blended just too well with his character as the confused Akash and produces a smashing performance with his brilliant timings while Rimjhim Mitra with her natural buoyancy was at her very best during her solo ballet on the beach. The veterans Saswata Chatterjee and Biswajit Chakraborty ably support the comedy but the new comers Abir Chatterjee and Payel Sarkar seemed a bit stiff with their roles.

The most spirited of the characters in the movie is Imon, a whimsical but outspoken girl with a passion for dancing and possessing a vile tongue that always masked her gentle heart. On the other hand her boyfriend Akash, a meek and Bohemian sort of chap seemed to be totally confused at times and always at a loss of cash. Akash was obsessed with his poetries and never cared a damn in the world except Imon and to some extent his landlady who had a knack of prying into his flat at all the wrong times. Well, there was another character in the flat that deserves mention and that is Sarojit, the lad with a passion for the toilet and the only other person save Imon to whom Akash regularly poured his heart into. But he too sometimes suffered from acute misery on account of his roommate’s intellectual verses. Unlike Sarojit, Imon used to be the most caustic critic of the poetries and never wasted an opportunity to pass scathing remarks on them though the verses seemed to be etched deep into her soul. Thus it was not surprising that she financed the publication of Akash’s book of poetries with money reserved for her GRE expenses.

Everything was going along smoothly till the day came when the regular squabbles, which were the order of the day for Imon and Akash, got the better of them and they decided to cut-off their relation in the spur of the moment. Well, both of them started quite coolly with their new life but gradually the longing for the other’s company seemed to make their days worse. Thus Imon, much against her wish picked up the phone after twelve days of silence, and dialed Akash’s number.

Then came the unexpected turn in the story when the telephone network got Imon connected with the cell phone of Vicky, a non-residential Calcuttan dropping in for a stay with his married sister on his way to Toronto. Thanks to her rift with Akash, this chance cross connection got Imon suddenly closer to Vicky, who also developed a great liking for the capricious Imon. Vicky was everything that Akash was not and so this tall dark handsome was approved immediately by Imon’s mother who had earlier heaved a sigh of relief at the separation between her daughter and Akash.

Meanwhile Akash too had struck off well with Pia, his graceful and petite colleague with a dream of settling in the States, and she managed to convince Akash with her plans for foreign.

But though Imon and Akash, each maintained a happy face and tried to carry on their new relationships with gaiety, the thoughts of their earlier love life still lingered in memory and they still hoped for a reconciliation, that seemed only a miracle at that time.

But the miracle did happen when these two couples, both holidaying at the beaches of Mandarmani stumbled across each other in the most dramatic of fashions with Imon and Akash straight away erupting in a torrent of curses and Vicky and Pia gaping in awe at this sudden outburst. Thus while Imon and Akash were left speaking their minds out Vicky and Pia were seen sharing their thoughts and then dawned the revelation that actually they were all paired up in the most incorrect of fashions. So the following daybreak saw a Vicky and Pia driving off towards Calcutta hand in hand with Imon and Akash bringing up the rear.

The movie has all the materials for hitting to the top list but for the slight snags that I’d like the makers to ponder upon. As had been mentioned more than once during the course of the movie and also evident from the look of Park Street the story starts during the month of December, then how come no one in the story, not even the aged members of the family without a woolen outfit? The next point is that in these days of recession we find the qualified Vicky holidaying for quite a few months at Calcutta before settling in Toronto, well this is not something to be easily digested. Again how come Akash with no fluency at all in English make it easily to the BPO industry is also a detail that may need consideration.

This is a love story with the modern gen X in mind. There is romance, there is cynicism, ambition and love. Above all there is comedy and a touch of sex without which no love story is complete.
Cross connection deals with Imon’s three loves, Aakash’s three loves and Piya’s switches and Vicky’s intentions. This is a love story where egos clash to raise a laugh.

Cross Connection (2009) Bengali Movie Poster
Cross Connection (2009) Bengali Movie Poster

Imon: A sexy young thing in love with her muse and all the men around her.
But who or what does she love most?

Akaash: Loves poetry, beer and good looking girls not quite in that order. But the order keeps changing as his moods demand.

Vicky: Loves pretty young things, which man doesn’t? But he loves driving more especially if a sexy young thing sits next to him. And he has no dearth of getting them ‘cos he is tall, dark and handsome, on top of it has the right qualifications and job.

Piya: Pretty Piya is quite a dreamy number. Boys love her, men lust after her, but who will finally get her?

Cross Connection deals with follies of youth, where landladies’ are the greatest fears in life.

The film has comedy, romance and love. Along with it Neel Dutt’s peppy music. Anjan Dutt, Rupankar, Ujjaini and some fresh new voices have sung the 6 numbers. The lyrics are by Anjan Dutt, Chandril, Anindya(Chandrabindu), Sumit Samaddar and Srijit.

The Cast

  • Abir Chatterjee
  • Ritwik Chakraborty
  • Rimjhim Mitra
  • Payel Sarkar
  • Biswajit Chakraborty
  • Saswata Chatterjee
  • Kamalika
  • Surojit Banerjee
  • Sudeshna Roy

The Crew

  • Story : Satyaki Tarafdar
  • Script : Padmonabha Dasgupta
  • Camera: Soumik Haldar
  • Edit : Sujay Datta Ray
  • Art : Tanmoy Chakraborty
  • Music: Neel Dutt

Director: Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy
Produced by Acropolis Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Acropolis Entertainment is an art and production designing company, specializing in ad films. In the last 7 years they have worked in over 5000 ads.
The firm comprises primarily four people. Sumit and Snigdha Basu, Rajnish Hedao and Monami Chatterjee Khan.



  • Song Name- Code
  • Icche Gulo – 162224
  • Jedike Jaaye Rasta – 162225
  • Kagojer phool (Mukhosher Opashe) – 162226
  • Mon Giyeche Moner Ghare – 162227
  • Neeler Kachakachi Joler Daag – 162228
  • Shei Tram Bas Rastaghaat – 162229

Cross Connection Photo Gallery and Movie Stills

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28 thoughts on “Cross Connection (2009) Bengali Movie Review

  1. Rimjhim Mitra is a bindaas dancer, Emon. Ritwick Bhattacharya is Akash, a poet. Abir Chatterjee is an eligible bachelor, Vicky. Payel Sarkar is Piya, an ambitious young girl. With a bunch of television stars, director duo Abhijit Guha-Sudeshna Roy are ready with Cross Connection. – by T2

  2. The film revolves around four youths who try to discover their perfect love matches. Things repeatedly go wrong till they get resolved on a picturesque beach near Kolkata. Emon (Rimjhim Mitra), is a pretty, modern dancer and choreographer with a steady boyfriend Akaash (Ritwik Chakraborty) who is a happy-go-lucky young man. Akaash is not confident about his English yet does not suffer a complex because his girlfriend is good at it. The problem is that they keep fighting all the time till it breaks up. The two are quick to find two other youngsters, Vicky (Abir Chatterjee) and Piya (Payel Sirkar) to replace their former steady mates. But who is the right partner for the other? Is Vicky better than Akaash for Emon or would she rather stick to the troublesome Akaash? Is the ambitious, beautiful and petite Payal good enough for Akaash or would she rather go along with the USA-returned Vicky who is a short while away from flying off to United States? This is a love story with the modern generaion X in mind. There is romance, there is cynicism, ambition and love. Above all there is comedy and a touch of sex without which no love story is complete. Cross connection deals with Emon’s three loves, Aakash’s three loves and Piya’s switches and Vicky’s intentions. This is a love story where egos clash to raise a laugh.
    From WIKI

  3. I went to see this film today in RDB adlabs……..This film should get average…….
    1. The most strongest point of the film is its music. Neel Dutt has created an wonderful composition.
    Songs really touches our heart. Anjan Dutt is still the Unique and God of music…..Rupankar is proving  himself in every song.
    2. Now another plus point of the film is its humor.  That is the only thing that will strongly keep me in the hall.
    3. Its story line is too weak and every one knows what is going to happen next.
    4. Now, Acting is not at all good. Only Abir Chatterjee makes an impression…
    But Rimjhim is a dancer in this film….But, really I dont know anything about dancing….But i can tell you that the shot at Mandarmani (Rimjhim dancing in the sea beach) is woeful.
    5. At last, For time pass and for all college goers, its an wonderful film. The conversation between the abir and rimjhim in the sea beach (at just before end of the film) really marks an impression on every lovers heart. I have liked this part the most.
    6. And one thing: The airport is shown here in the building technopolis, saltlake. It is my office at Kolkata….Happy to see there Cognizant.

    Can anyone tell me where do I can download the songs of this film???……….

    1. Hi Arindam,
      Please dont download the music, Buy the music CD for better soundtrack, sound quality. it costs just Rs. 60.

  4. Sorry, One thing I did a mistake………
    This will not be Abir……
    It will be Ritwick…….
    Every where I wrote the comments thinking on Ritwick.
    His emotions as well as humors are equally good…..

  5. Thank you Ankan!!!!!!!!!
    In real life I really dont think it as an important issue…….
    I think love and marriage both of them are great to experience.
    They are the part of our life….and the sex is too……..
    In this film ritwick has a dialog “biyer age ghurte eschi, tabole ami oisob korte parbo na…..” This is the typical bengali culture………
    I think it is good for everyone!!!!…….
    For“Sex Before Marriage“,  I want to tell it as a cheap sentiment of us….
    What you think of it Ankan????

  6. Well I think sex is part of a relationship that comes naturally and there is no way to stop it. You can ignore your emotions with a traditional cultural mind. Being a girl and having sex before marriage is probably more challenging than having sex as a guy. Many of the guys actually take it as status symbol ;; like how many GF they had etc etc.

    So, frankly I would like to see comments from girls at CT about the issue.

    I have no issues with sex before marriage at all.

  7. Cross Connection Movie Review
    I was very very lucky to attend the premiere show of Cross Connection. After waiting for around 30 minutes for the movie to start, after fast introductions of the cast and crew and special appearances from Dev, Srabonti and our very own Bumba da, the reels started to roll and the movie started. 

    Right from the very first frame, with Emon (Rimjhim) dancing, and the harried images of Ritwick running in the rain to get some shelter over his head, the movie promised a time of the life. And i was not disappointed even for a nano-second.


    The camera work is brilliant. The directors have thought good to use a hand-held camera, which has given Cross Connection an international feel. 

    The cinematography is excellent, the locales of Kolkata and Mondarmoni have been effectively utilized. 

    Music by Neel Dutt is simply mesmerizing. The song at the very beginning is so very fresh and beautiful, so are the songs by Anjan Dutt and Rupankar that come at the correct intervals. The tunes are refreshing, youthful and melodious.

    Editing is fantastic. It was exceptional for a Bengali movie. Fast, slick and quick cuts and revolving images made the movie viewing enjoyable.


    Hats-off to the actors. First time actor Abir Chatterjee makes the maximum impact as Vicky. He is confident, smooth and expressive. Rimjhim as Emon is awesome. Her tempers and fighting nature is sure to have the audience in splits. Payel is beautiful as Piya, with the least dialogues in the movie, but with the greatest expressions. Ritwick as Akash delivers a knockout performance. His comic timing is to look out for. Among other actors, the ones who impress are Saswata as Jams and the two gay friends of Rimjhim. 

    The direction is excellent. No words about that. I salute them for reviving the lost Bengali film industry to a new age of Bangla cinema. This is a cinematic genius and should be celebrated. Jai Ho!!

  8. Sadly not. It was a very hurried premiere. My parents are colleagues of the directors and that is why we all were invited. I hoped to take pictures, but with the bustle of the people, this was not easy!

    But the experience was wholesome and absolute. I felt that Bengali movies have a lot to live for. This was an enriching experience from the word go!

  9. Okie Aditya, May be next time we will get some premier pictures from you. I am trying to contact Bumbada for an Interview. Let’s see.

    Good to meet you. Please visit back and say hi again!!
    Take care buddy.

  10. Ankan, you are right… comes naturally as our other emotions…But, Before marriage,  they are called as best friend, may be closed friends, most appropriately they are lovers. Love or any relationship in life is an experience. It is a practice of discovering each other. By this way, we used come together. If we like or love each other, we will  try to spend most valuable time with both of us. That comes from a urge that is We dont know each other completely. I have told earlier that it is an experience of discovering our manners, behaviors or mostly  our characters. 
    After marriage loads of responsibilities come together. we become more mature and responsible….who can understand what i have shared with my partner. (each and every happinesses and sorrows of life)
    But before marriage, sex used to come at the time of our weaknesses. we are not mentally strong as well as mature at that time…In love or any relation, things may not go smooth every time…..
    If anything goes wrong, then we will think what I have done earlier. After that time will change our mind and it will make us ready to build a new relationship….At that time how should we approach towards the new life??
    That is the negative thinking.
    If the relationship goes steady and they got married to each other. After some days, if anything goes wrong, the thought may come to each other’s mind that both of us were very cheap.
    So, what we got from our tradition or culture is good for everyone.  If anything we did wrong, it should not be like that we have to repent for that for the whole of our life. I just shared my views on the reply of your views, Ankan.
    Bye and Good Luck….

  11. Hi all!
    Went to see the movie @ forum with a friend. 
    Some parts of the film were shot in Techno India College of technlogy, Rajarhat(thats my college) and Techno India Saltlake(Food court),as has been mentioned in the begining of the film!I Remember it just before my first semester exams that the whole film crew was there in my college.Saw Rimjhim Mitra ,but then could’nt  recognize her,until being pointed out @ the hall itself,later on knew she is an actor of begali small screen.

    So used to seeing only mumbai and delhi at the films,its really refreshing to see the road that i take everyday to college, the DLF building,Technopolis, and the countyside like landscape in rajarhat.

    Overall a good movie, and the best part of it are the songs which i did really happen to like.

  12. Loved this movie..seen it yesterday…tho the story line is predictable..still it wudn’t let ya sleep thro the movie either…actually i went to the movie hall for a nice nap..but ended up watching the movie…lovely movie..with evryday life dialogues..n all..songs are good will give 3/5..and for the movie ..its 3.5/5 ..really a good bengali movie to watch..

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