Crime Patrol goes one step ahead


Way back in the early years, crime and tracking crime came to be known to the general public only from the police files. However in 2003, Sony Entertainment Television introduced ‘Crime Patrol’, the first ever cop-based reality show where the process of police investigation came alive and became an instant hit with the viewers and general public. In 2010, ‘Crime Patrol’ will be presented through the eyes of the police force and will go one step ahead to deal with the ‘HOW’s’ and ‘WHY’s’ of the crimes. ‘Crime Patrol’ starts January 26, 2010 every Monday to Thursday at 8.30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

‘Crime Patrol’ will focus on crime against women, senior citizens and children and will highlight its affect on the family of the victim. A case of a kidnapped child would be presented to bring about the emotional trauma of the entire family. Also, as part of the series there will be crime stories that will have high profile people/celebrities involved like the Neeraj Grover case or even the Shiny Ahuja rape case amongst others.

This show will not sensationalize crimes but will present it in a simple story format unlike any news coverage one sees these days. The show will highlight maximum police access of real crimes and also tells the viewers how to avert crime. All the cases will be real cases with real people and will take the viewers to the actual place of crime.

Produced by Optimystix and anchored by two of Indian television’s very popular actors Sakshi Tanwar (Parvati from Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii) and Anoop Soni (of Balika Vadhu fame), ‘Crime Patrol’ launches on January 26, 2010 from Monday to Thursday at 8.30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

-Sampurn Media

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