CPI-M tells PM: Explain the spectrum scam

New Delhi, Nov 17 (IANS) The Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) Wednesday asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to explain how the ‘murky’ 2G spectrum scam dragged on and sought the prosecution of disgraced former communication minister A. Raja.

‘The Supreme Court has correctly asked why the prime minister delayed responding to the request for permission to prosecute the (former) telecom minister for 11 months?,’ it said in a statement.

‘It should be further asked why the prime minister refused to order a probe on the telecom scam for a longer period despite repeated requests.

‘For instance, the CPI-M leader in the Rajya Sabha, Sitaram Yechury, had written to the prime minister in November 2008 asking for an enquiry.

‘The prime minister should explain in parliament how this murky affair was allowed to go on for so long,’ it said.

The statement pointed out taht the report from the Comptroller and Auditor General on the issue of licenses and allocation of 2G spectrum had confirmed what has been in public knowledge for long.

‘That the government suffered a loss of revenue amounting to Rs. 1.76 lakh crore makes the telecom scam the biggest corruption case.

‘Not only Raja along with other guilty officials be prosecuted, but immediate steps should be taken to undo the damage and recover the lost revenue.

‘All the companies who have benefited illegally should be asked to pay up the full amount as per the market value of the spectrum allocation.

‘Further, companies who got the licenses and spectrum allocation illegally and by violation of the norms, their licenses should be cancelled.

‘Corporate crime cannot be condoned as the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government is prone to do so.’

1 thought on “CPI-M tells PM: Explain the spectrum scam

  1. Stalled PM awakes after notice from SC and Parliament not in function PM come out with reply and with Sonia Gandhi accepting the threat of Corruption Monster. Most of the Govt job from Watch Man to Politician, from joining to promotion till transfer has a price tag to open their shop of corruption. What kind of Democracy Citizens enjoying when they could only vote, but cannot prosecute the corrupts? PM busy showing dreams of 9% growth cannot figure if 8.99% is gulped by corrupts. After the failed attempt to save tainted Politicians and Officials on 2G, Adarsh and CWG, UPA’s spokes persons and Politicians tries to show the OBLIGATION to the country sacking them, and behind it tries to hide the attempts made on clean chits with no action on culprits till now with blame game to confuse the matter while still their economists cannot match the figures from 2G to CWG. Honesty and Integrity would only be counted if accepts the mistakes of habit on sitting on important files of 2G, like Dixit was sitting on Afzal Guru’s files for years with no reply. Would this all habits repeat the history? RAJ NARAIN to INDIRA GANDHI, to impeach PM or suspension of Govt on failure, from SC?

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