Court fines tenant for harassing owner

New Delhi, March 1 (IANS) The Delhi High Court has slapped a fine of Rs.350,000 on a tenant for prolonging a legal case and depriving the owner of the benefits of his property.

Justice S.N. Dhingra last week imposed the fine as an exemplary cost for the delay caused. He dismissed the petition.


Pulling up the petitioner for misusing the law, the court said: ‘This case is a glaring example as to how a party can take liberty with law and misuse it.’


The court was hearing a petition filed by Delton Cable Ltd against Kishore Kumar Sharma.


Sharma had filed a suit for recovery of his premises from Delton Cables. The litigation began in 1994.


‘Howsoever liberal be the law in respect of amendment of the written statement, laid down by the Supreme Court or this court, that does not give a license to the petitioner to act malafide and to file application after application for amendment of the written statement. No provision of law can be allowed to be misused by the courts so as to frustrate the trial itself,’ the court said.


The court directed the trial court to dispose off the petition within two months.

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