Cotton libraries to be set up in Haryana

Chandigarh, Aug 14 (IANS) To give a boost to cotton production in Haryana, cotton libraries providing information to growers will be set up in villages of the Sirsa district, 300 km from here.

‘Cotton libraries would be set up in villages of Sirsa district to provide comprehensive information to farmers about cultivation of cotton so as to boost farming,’ a state government spokesman said here Saturday.

The libraries would be set up jointly by the National Institute of Textile Mills Association and Monsanto, a multi-national company.

He said that Monsanto had adopted 15 villages of the district. The literature about cotton crop would be kept in the libraries and farmers would be apprised about various techniques to prevent the crop from being affected by diseases and insects.

He added that information on latest techniques about cultivation of cotton would be provided to growers so that they could get maximum yield.

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