Cosmetic major L’Oréal Paris “Because I Am Worth It”

Cosmetic major L’Oréal Paris on Thursday kicked off its celebrate for 40 years of its landmark signature- “Because I Am Worth It”.
To celebrate the 40th Anniversary, L’Oreal Paris, in association with Femina, is hosting the ‘L’Oréal Paris Femina Women Awards 2012’ on March 22nd in Mumbai.
The awards will celebrate and honor the most accomplished women in for their talents, grace and ability to inspire.
L’Oréal Paris has also sinitiated the ‘Who’s Worth it to You?’ contest, wherein one can nominate that extraordinarily special woman in their lives, who’s worth it to them. 10 entries will be shortlisted from which the jury of the L’Oréal Paris Femina Women Awards 2012 will choose one winner.
The winner will be a guest of honour at the L’Oréal Paris Femina Women Awards 2012 award ceremony.
A success story for the L’Oréal Paris brand, the signature was first written in 1971 by copywriter Ilon Specht.
Nathalie Gerschtein, Director of L’Oréal Paris in India, said , “Our signature has empowered women over the past 40 years. Today, being a L’Oréal Paris woman means being an individual with a charismatic personality, a determined outlook and a strong personality.”

Dedicated to celebrating the diversity of beauty, the values of the brand was projected by its ambassadors from across the globe, including Aishwarya Rai  Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Eva Longoria, Frieda Pinto, Beyonce, Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Aimee Mullins and Gong Li.

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