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What is CalcuttaTube?
CalcuttaTube is an entertainment news website covering Bollywood, Hollywood, TV news and Indian Regional Cinema with a special emphasis on Bengali Movies. CalcuttaTube offers daily news from the entertainment industry to the visitors, along with numerous interviews, trailers, movie reviews, event notifications, upcoming movie information, television shows and much more.

Why CalcuttaTube?
CalcuttaTube has nearly 15,000 global visitors/day and growing at a high rate. If you are looking for a global exposure of your product and/or service, CalcuttaTube could be one of the places you might consider advertising your product. Advertisement rates at CalcuttaTube is much cheaper that most of the printed media. CalcuttaTube also rank within top 100,000 websites among billions of websites in World Wide Web.

Traffic information for CalcuttaTube is available at

Advertisement Availability:
We offer only 5 places of Image Advertisements. One 468×60 image advertisement at the top of the page and four more 125×125 image advertisements at the sidebar. All of those advertisements are shown on every top level pages of CalcuttaTube.Com. Generally we receive advertisement offers more in number than the available ad slots. We recommend you to contact us at and check for ad slot availability. If you need to advertise during a particular time in future, contact us at least few weeks back so that we can try to secure your ad position(s).

See our US Traffic from QuantCast and find business potential at Calcutta Tube:

Advertisement Rate:
Advertisement rates subject to change.

BANNER Advertisements

Banner Advertisement is fun. It could be extreme effective depending on the quality of Banner Image you provide.

1. 468×60 IMAGE AD: Impact Banner

This potion is the most important and largest space for your AD that gets maximum exposure. You have option of express your ideas in a 468×60 space.

  • 1-Week Purchase: 100USD/7 days.
  • 2-Week Purchase: 180  USD for 14 days.
  • 3-Week Purchase:  250 USD for 21 days
  • 1-Month Purchase: 325

2. 125×125 IMAGE AD:Square Ad

This position is shown equal number of times as of the 468×60 IMAGE AD but you have only 125×125 space to express and feature your product.
Rate for EACH 125×125 ad blocks

  • 1-Week Purchase: 50USD/7 days.
  • 2-Week Purchase:  90  USD for 14 days.
  • 3-Week Purchase:  120 USD for 21 days
  • 1-Month Purchase: 150 USD/30 days. Best Offer

3. 250×259 IMAGE AD: sidebarSquare Ad

Contact us for your online marketing needs and promotions at

Monthly rate: $400.00

Check out the Image below to understand the ADVERTISEMENT LOCATIONS
CalcuttaTube Advertisement Locations

CalcuttaTube Advertisement Locations

Terms and Conditions:

1. We will guarantee display of your advertisement for the number of days you have in contract/purchase. If our site is down due to technical difficulties, we will give you free additional days for the time our site remained inaccessible.
2. Advertisers should provide the IMAGE ads. We offer creation of Image Ad at additional cost.
3. No Refund. Once you have purchased the advertisement, there will be NO REFUND. So, check our site details well before you decide to advertise with us.
4. We DO NOT accept advertisements of any illegal sites/adult sites/political sites/ illegal software sites and any website that violates web ethics.
5. CalcuttaTube reserves the right for accepting/rejecting advertisement without providing any reason behind our decision.

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