Comeback (2012) Bengali Film Review: Rituparna Firdous

Looking at the production values, Comeback seems to be a dated film held up for several years. It promises a good star-cast with Rituparna Sengupta and Firdaus. However, the delayed release of the film in distant Aruna practically unreachable for people living in other corners of the city and without press screenings, the commercial prospects of the film are dimmer than they otherwise would have been.


Shoma A. Chatterji

  • Banner: Channel Eight Motion Pictures
  • Producer: Ashok Surana
  • Story, screenplay, dialogue and direction: Pallab Ghosh
  • Music: Ashok Bhadra
  • Lyrics: Gautam-Susmit
  • Cinematography: Dev Ranjan and Shahbaz Khan
  • Editor: Saibal Das
  • Art Director: Samir Chanda
  • Cast: Rituparna Sengupta, Firdous, Anshuman, Baisakhi Marjit, Sankar      Chakraborty,   Biswanath Bose, Santwana Bose, Diganta Bagchi and Raja     Chatterjee
  • Rating: 04/10
Comeback Rituparna and Firdous Comeback
Comeback Rituparna and Firdous Comeback

Films released in Aruna have staggering releases in mainstream theatres across the city over following weeks. This does precious little to boost the market for the film. Comeback with its double-whammy casting of Rituparna in a double role has not helped matters any. Comeback does not have as hackneyed and done-to-death storyline as one would have imagined. But a film is not just the story, it is also the telling of the storyhow it is told by who and for which audience that can make or break a film.


In some ways, the storyline reminds one of the 1970s Hindi hit Aap Ki Kasam starring Rajesh Khanna, Mumtaz and Sanjeev Kumar. In Comeback, the beautiful Anjali (Rituparna Sengupta) is married to Dibyendu (Firdous), pathologically suspicious by nature. He is convinced that the daughter Anjali has given birth to has been actually sired by Bikash (Shankar Chakraborty). He takes the shortest route to revenge – he kills his wife in a fit of anger. Before he is caught, he learns that his wife was devoted to him (tell us something else, please!) and that his suspicion was baseless. He cries himself hoarse about having killed his innocent wife but no one believes him including the police. Dibyendu turns crazy with guilt.


The sub-plot explores the relationship of Bikash with his neighbour Maya (Baisakhi Marjit) who he refuses to marry when she becomes pregnant and deserts with her little son because he has political ambitions and does not want them to queer his pitch. Years later, Anjali’s daughter Tiya (Rituparna) who looks the split image of her mother, falls in love with Baisakhi’s son (Anshuman) but is more intent on looking out for her lost father who, when he sees Tiya, believes Anjali is still alive.  Dibyendu is made to realize that Tiya is his daughter and that Anjali is no more and everything ends happily ever after with the hope of Tiya and the young OC tying the knot.


The director who is also credited with the story, script and dialogue, probably felt that with Rituparna in a double role, he did not need to worry about the other factors that go to make a film a hit. But it was misplaced faith more in himself than in poor Rituparna. Though Ritu has a talented actress like Baisakhi as a complement and Sankar Chakraborty as a polished villain, Comeback comes to nothing no thanks to actors like Anshuman and the poor treatment by the director of a film that had possibilities of reasonable success at the box office. Firdous gives a surprisingly good performance as the graying Dibyendu shocked to find his ‘wife’ still alive and young. Ritu is a bit too frothy as the daughter and too committed to protest as her mother. What the immensely talented Biswanath Bose is doing in a non-role is a mystery.


This film, like most films that are premiered in distant Aruna, is likely to be a washout.

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