Cliffhanger (1993) – Sylvester Stallone

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CliffHanger (1993) – Stallone: Watch online and buy DVD on sale
Cliffhanger is a 1993 action film directed by Renny Harlin and starring Sylvester Stallone and John Lithgow. Stallone plays a climber, who becomes embroiled in a failed heist set in a U.S. Treasury plane flying through the Rocky Mountains. Stallone is superb with his rock climbing scenes and a must watch for all.
The film was a huge hit, making more than $250 million worldwide. In the opening scene, hotshot mountain climber and rescue worker Gabe Walker (Sylvester Stallone) meets with his friends Hal Tucker (Michael Rooker) and Jessie Deighan (Janine Turner) on a narrow peak in the Rocky Mountains. While moving from one mountaintop to a helicopter via a steel cable, Hal’s girlfriend Sarah’s (Michelle Joyner) harness breaks and she is left dangling over a deep chasm. While the others frantically come up with a solution, Gabe straps himself in and goes out to save Sarah, but is unsuccessful and she falls to her death at the bottom of a mountain. Visit Wiki to read the rest.

Cliffhanger (1993) - Sylvester Stallone
Cliffhanger (1993) - Sylvester Stallone

Directed by: Renny Harlin

  • Sylvester Stallone    …     Gabe Walker
  • John Lithgow    …     Eric Qualen
  • Michael Rooker    …     Hal Tucker
  • Janine Turner    …     Jessie Deighan
  • Rex Linn    …     Richard Travers
  • Caroline Goodall    …     Kristel
  • Leon    …     Kynette
  • Craig Fairbrass    …     Delmar
  • Gregory Scott Cummins    …     Ryan
  • Denis Forest    …     Heldon
  • Michelle Joyner    …     Sarah
  • Max Perlich    …     Evan
  • Paul Winfield    …     Walter Wright
  • Ralph Waite    …     Frank
  • Trey Brownell    …     Brett

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