Churni Ganguly on Bengali movie ‘Rangmilanti’, Koushik Ganguly, co-actors

Bengali Actress Churni GangulySept 28, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Bengali actress Churni Ganguly talks about her latest Bengali film ‘RangMilanti‘ directed by Koushik Ganguly, her co-actors in the film. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

Churni Ganguly is a very talented actress. She is very pretty too and has a smashing screen presence. But she is mostly seen in films directed by husband Koushik Ganguly. In Rangmilanti, she plays Kamalini, a famous actress of Tollygunge and older sister of Kamalika, the girl finds herself on the horns of a dilemma about which of the four boys she is in love with she should choose as life partner.

Rangmilanti has been acquired for distribution, telecasting, streaming and screening by Databazaar Media Ventures for North America and Canada and though Churni was not quite aware of this deal, once she got to learn of it, she is thrilled. She is charming, unassuming and an actress without starry airs whatsoever. She has an impeccable dress sense and looks absolutely trendy in her short haircut. “The character I play in Rangmilanti is a film star. But she is one without airs, like I am in real life. She has the usual hassles of being married to a delightful man who is not half as successful as she is. My problems at work arise only when time-schedules go haywire for a given shooting and I am called upon to stay on beyond the schedule I was given. This is one of the reasons I work with Koushik mostly as he knows my work schedules at home and for a shoot and plans accordingly,” explains the very educated and enlightened Churni.

[ReviewAZON asin=”B005M2ACFE” display=”inlinepost”]Once asked what she thinks of Suchitra Sen, the greatest box office actress of Bengali cinema quitting the film scenario suddenly, Churni says, “She probably withdrew to ensure that the image we have of her did not fade away or get lost. All actresses suffer from a sense of insecurity and Suchitra Sen was no exception. In this sense, it turned out to be an extremely wise decision. Her decision to withdraw so completely has sustained the aura of mystery about her. What more can a star-actress ask for? All actresses, including myself, grow everyday. Had she been around today, she would have given much more of herself than she has. She had so much to teach and I had so much to learn. This is something we  have all lost out on.”

Focussing back on Rangmilanti, she voices what joy work was because of the youngsters in the cast who she interacted with all the time. “They were sheer fun to work with though they went crazy at times and Koushik had to keep them in control. I found common ground with Gaurab who, like me, loves Bob Dylan and the Beatles. Tanaji is a finished actor since he has been on stage for several years now. Riddhima believe me, was the only girl but also the naughtiest among them all. Gaurav is suave and sophisticated like Rik, the character he plays in the film.”

Asked which of her television roles she finds the most memorable, Churni at once says “Chhoti Si Aasha, which was televised on Sony television for a long time and was a hot favourite among the viewers. In my 20s then, my character demanded that I grow from a 35-year-old mother to a mature and mellow woman around 60. It made me a popular face across the country and some of my non-Bengali viewers recognize me from this serial to this day. It was an amazing learning experience and most of the time I had to interact with Harsh Chhaya, a brilliant actor.”

Why is it that you are seen much more in Kaushik’s films than in other films? “It is quite natural for two people of a family to work together if they happen to be in the same profession. There is a comfort zone we function in and though there might be arguments and differences, these happen between people who are not in the same family but are working in the same film also. There is a question of understanding the temperament, the working chemistry and so on. It has been going on for generations across the world. There is nothing new in it,” she sums up.

– Shoma A. Chatterji

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