Choti Bahu-TV show end, actors nostalgic

New Delhi, Sep 20 (Calcutta Tube) Zee TV show Choti Bahu ends and actors Avinash Sachdev, Rubina Dilaik, feel nostalgic.

‘I’m feeling very nostalgic that the show is coming to an end as I have some wonderful memories playing the role of Dev. I owe all my success to ‘Choti Bahu’ and thank the viewers for all the adulation we received,’ Sachdev said in a press release.

Dilaik, who played Radhika – a girl who keeps sacrificing her happiness for her adopted family – says she received a new identity with the show.

”Choti Bahu’ is very close to my heart. This show made me so popular that I was known as Radhika all over the world and people didn’t even know my real name Rubina. I’ll miss shooting with my co-stars, who have been my family for so many years,’ she said.

The show went on air in December 2008 and after running for about two years, is ending Monday. The final episode has been planned in a grand way.

‘A unique storyline and an apt starcast has rocketed the show to the top spot. And now when it is coming to an end, we will showcase its final episode in a unique and creative manner,’ said Nitin Vaidya, COO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises and business head, Zee TV.

The time slot will be taken over by yet another popular show, ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’.

13 thoughts on “Choti Bahu-TV show end, actors nostalgic

  1. yaar i wnt 2 see da last episode.
    waise serial k mid me sudden serial finish out krne ka kya mtlb ?
    dis serial iz lovd by so many people y it ws finish out like dis ?

  2. what old cast cnfused end choti bahu i really show like you
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  5. i am happy so deeya tony thanks choti bahu come show i know alil fans thanks when jassi 2 come back i miss all fans upset jassi not come back i am happy to i wish hope good story well choti bahu too

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