CHORER BOU (2010) Bengali Film FIRST LOOK starring Rituparna Sengupta

Rituparna Sengupta
Rituparna Sengupta

Sekhar Das launched his first mainstream Bengali comedy film: Filmmaker Sekhar Das who till now, made very serious films, is venturing into a full-fledged comedy for the first time with a range of actors picked from the mainstream and from television. The name of the film is Chorer Bou and the lead actor in the film is Rituparna Sengupta. “My last three films, namely Mehul Boner Sereng, Krantikaal and Kaaler Rakhal have been very dark, grim and political. Chorer Bou on the other hand, is light but it will also bring a message across,” says Das. It unfolds the story of two couples belonging to two different social strata and how their lives get intertwined in several ways. “It is a big challenge for me because I have never attempted an urban story before and never a comedy targeted at the mass audience,” explains Das. Ritwik Chakraborty enacts the role of Rituparna’s husband while Rudraneel and Locket Chatterjee form the other couple. Chandreyee Ghosh plays a street girl. Others in the cast are Dipankar De who pays Ritwick’s boss and Biplab Chatterjee does a cameo as a flautist. Creations, a new production house, is producing the film. Shirsa Roy is the cinematographer and Gourab Chatterjee will write the musical score. Rituparna is the wife of an executive (Ritwick) while Locket is the thief (Rudraneel)’s wife. One day, Rudraneel breaks into the elite couple’s wife. This leads to Locket and Rituparna meeting each other and sparks begin to fly. Das plans to shoot the film in a single 17-day schedule in Kolkata.

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