Chitrangada Singh shares PUMA brand ambassador experience (Interview)

Chitrangada SinghFeb 28, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Actor Chitrangada Singh who has been appointed as global sport lifestyle brand PUMA’s Running and Fitness brand ambassador shares her experience. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.

What made you agree to become a brand ambassador for PUMA?

I don’t think there will be many people who can refuse PUMA. It is such a huge brand and this is such a huge association for me! And the creditability is like if I lend something to you, you lend a lot more to me.

Have you ever used PUMA products?

I remember when I was growing up PUMA was not available in India at that time. So whenever anybody, any cousin went abroad, I would nag them to get me something from PUMA from there. Now that they (PUMA) are here and wanting to be associated with me, I also want to be associated with it. PUMA is a lot about fashion; it’s not just about sports and fitness…of course it is about that as well. But at the same time what really sets apart PUMA from the others is that the fashion quotient that it brings in…it’s colours, there’s something very striking and shocking about it that I love about the products. And it struck in my head ever since I was in seventh standard…it sticks, it stays.

What is style according to you?

I think style is an expression of who you are. Sometimes we are very understated and classic…that’s who you are…that show in your dressing up. And sometimes you are playing over the top…that again is who you are. I am sporty and also have a touch of fashion and a bit of glamour.

Do you follow fashion trends like most Bollywood actors?

I am definitely not a follower and my stylist is very unhappy with that. I follow a lot of what I feel and who I am. If I like something out there, I will definitely go and do that. But I am not a trend follower for sure, may be a trendsetter yes.

Who will you like to gift a pair of these running shoes?

John Abraham; because he is the brand ambassador of Mumbai Marathon. So I would like to gift it to him.

You are going to enter the item girl zone with Kafirana in Shirish Kunder’s Joker. Tell us about it.

People have already started calling me the newest item girl of Bollywood…but I guess there one every now and then. What I am really excited about is the fact that I got Farah (Khan) to choreograph my first ever dance number because I have never done anything like that in any of my films…no dancing.

How are you as dancer?

I can run very well but I can’t dance very well. That’s why I am saying, if I am to do a dance number, it had to be Kafirana choreographed by Farah.

Have you been finalized for filmmaker Sudhir Mishra’s Mehrunnisa?

It is a very exciting script. I have heard the script and I think it’s a classic. So everybody is showing interest in it…be it the production house or actors…it’s just that when there’s something good happening, you all want to be a part of it. I don’t know what the final decision is…it depends on Nikhil (Advani), who is producing it, and Sudhir, who has written it and is directing it. I am sure they will make the right call.    

– Sreya Basu / Trans World Features (TWF)

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