Chirodini Tumi Je Amar (2008)

Chirodini Tumi Je Amar (2008)

Release date: 15th August, 2008
Casts: Rahul, Priyanka, Tamal Roy Chowdhury, Geeta Dey, Sujit Dutta. and more.
Director: Raj Chakrabarty
Music Director: Jeet Ganguly
Producer: Shree Venkatesh

Chirodini Tumi Je Amar (2008)
Chirodini Tumi Je Amar (2008)
Chirodini Tumi Je Amar released this friday after much talk about its resemblance to the recent sad incedent between Rizwanur-Priyanka last September. The film revolves around a teenage couple who fall in love with each other. Priyanka, a school goer, fall in love with Rahul. Priyanka’s family has too many expectations from Priyanka and her love affair was a great shock to her family. But the teenage couple take an drastic decision that completely changes the course of their life. The film teaches yound generation to learn something from our mistakes, as being young we do mistakes. The director believes “Chirodini Tumi Je Amar” is a very bold film and could set a new trend in Kolkata Tollywood movies if audience accepts it. We sure expect good performance from the two newcomers in this movie.
Trailor of Chirodini Tumi Je Amar
Piya Re Piya Re /Kande E Hiya Re – Video Song from Chirodini Tumi Je Amar
Item Song: Pante Tali featuring DEV in Chirodini Tumi Je Amar
Movie Posters
Chirodini Tumi Je Amar
Chirodini Tumi Je Amar
Chirodini Tumi Je Amar
Chirodini Tumi Je Amar
Chirodini Tumi Je Amar
Chirodini Tumi Je Amar

469 thoughts on “Chirodini Tumi Je Amar (2008)


  2. Sry to say…if someone loves someone with his/her true feelings…then He/she cann’t marry anyone else….He/She will suicide before marriage….n also he/she will not make a new issue(child which one d gal has)….So it cann’t be real !!!!!!!!!!!!…But one thing songs r good(improving now a days)….

    ….so gals n guys don’t be a full after seeing this movie…That’s is not a true love from d gal side…..


  3. Rahul and Priyanka hats off 2 both of u. And last but not the least the director babu “MR RAJ CHAKRABORTY” its awesome. I do have talents. Just give a chance to prove.

  4. I love this film very much because this film indicates to all boys that a girl can do anything for her own happines. Boys should to be very much carefull when he is involving him to a love. A boy can get all missery to keep safe to his love but a girl always think only for herself. So boys i have an advice to all of you that when you are going to involve to your love then you have to always be carefull.

    And this film was the best love film ever made.

  5. I would love2 see ds movie again & again.Its a very good combination of real-life romance combined with tragedy.Its a very good example that bengali directors are really trying hard to make good commercial films other than copying from bollywood stuffs making it a perfect example of nonsense in silver screen like most of d films of prasenjit & mithun da.


  7. this is the best movie ever n i think this new comer rahul is ready to beat anybody n i mean anybody in the tollywood industry in acting n ijust love all the songs of this movie

  8. I love this flim & both of actors r also good. “piya re…….” this song is tuch to all love birds including I also. I love my love U….A

  9. as i am a oriya .but i love bengali movie.
    Chirodini Tumi Je Amar is a super movie in bengali film industry.

    1. Welcome Satyam from Orissa. Great to know that like Bengali films. I have never watched any Oriya film before. I may now watch some and let know my feeling about oriya ovies.

  10. I love this flim & both of actors r also good. “piya re…….” this song is tuch to all love birds including I also. I love my love U….A. i can’t forget this movie.

  11. I live paris. i like this flim & i like priyanka&rahul & also all songs. but tomadear modhyea ja ghoteache eata jeno reylle life a karo songha na ghotea. PRYANKA tomake dhekte so cute & RAHUL is so nice. flim ta dheke amar mone hochello flimea priyankar poribarear sidhur mochea ta thik hoieni. r priyakka tomar porea biea korata thik hoeache????????????????????? r RAHUL tomer ehakon ki khobor, tumi ki ehakon thik aacho????????????? r RAHUL PRIYANKAR baby ta thik tomar motan dhekte ota ki thomadher bhalobasa?????????????? r RAJ da last time a RAHUL ke pagol ora thik hoieni??? r amar mone hoi tumy eater next part bar korar chinta korcho. RAJ DA amieo khud ghater chela plz amer kother eakti uttor dheo. this my mobile number 0033683847908 & this my ID …… piya re piya re kadhe mon hiea re………… thankyou (mersi bouque) TOLLYWOOD jhinda bad.

  12. i like this film but i have not seen yet that is the true of love nobody dont know how they fall in love .
    Everybody of youn or generation will like it .

  13. Hi i am deep from assam, but born at kolkata,tai to chirodini tumi je amar filmti dekhar janne pagal hoe aachi, kindly amake web site address din jekhan theke aami filmti free download korte pari ,and the song piya re piya re aami dine 300 barer cheo besi suni pratidin, i just want to see this film but alon at my home.

  14. Comment Chirodini tumi je amar is one of the best of the bests movies i have ever shown in my life. It is really a magical touch to all the viewers created to the heart directly by Jeet Gangully. Requesting to think about 2nd part of this movie acting by both of them and with every character same.

  15. This is a good movie , I myself a oriya guy but I love to watch bengali movie . Rahul has done a good work ,. this is a copy of a Tamil movie which I have seen.

  16. Its a gud movie bt i think dis is 3rd or 4th time its realesd in bengali…coz past it was realse in tamil 2nd kannada nd 3rd in telugu….. script was very nice…

  17. This movie is a scene-to-scene copy of a Tamil film called “Kaadhal” (which means love). And believe me, the tamil original is at least thousand times better than the commercialised, over-dramatic Bengali version.

  18. Khub bhalo movie ami orissa theke gia kolkata te amar bandhabir sathe dekhechilam. ilove this movie verrrrrrry muccccccch………..piya re

  19. chirodini tumi je amar ekta amazing movie kenona love story erokom o hote pare bole keu ekbar o bhabte parena. b.coz love is only for happiness and understanding,and forget about others those who are want to interfere in ur love .amar hello tune o piya re .. piya re gaan ta ache.amar bandhabi amake gaaner cd o pathiache .so say to ur love CHIRODINI TUMI JE AMAR…………

  20. fantastik jibone ai rakom movie dakhini
    ektu besi hoye jache tai naa sala joti writer k ek bar pai naa tahole pachai du lathi marbo
    baje movie no ending only cont.
    to b contd. baniye debo

  21. raj da tumi ja direction dao sotti khub bhalo..ami jokhon boro hobo thik tomar moto direction debo..dekhbe ekdin tomar moto hoye jabo ami..tata bhalo thkeko…

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