China’s ‘second child’ policy report untrue: official

Beijing, Jan 25 (Calcutta Tube) China Monday refuted media reports that the government would allow couples to have a second child.

The family planning authority of Beijing said that the second child option for couples, reported by the media, was inconsistent with the facts.

The journalist who wrote the false report had already apologised to the interviewee, an official told Xinhua.

The official said that the family planning is China’s basic national policy and that stability and continuity of the policy should be maintained.

Earlier Monday some media reported that Peng Yuhua, deputy head of the municipal committee of population and family planning, said the authorities were considering to allow couples to have a second child.

The reports said that couples belonging to only-child generation may be allowed to have a second child.

China adopted the one-child policy in the 1980s to control the country’s population.

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