China issues new rules on fresh juice

Beijing, Aug 5 (IANS) China has released new regulations stating that beverages made from concentrated pulp, vegetables or fruit powder should not be labelled as fresh juices.

According to the new regulations on the management of fresh juice in catering establishments, fresh juices refer to ‘directly edible beverages that are made of fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals or beans’ in accordance with food safety requirements, Xinhua reported citing a statement by the State Food and Drug Administration (SDA).

The regulations also banned the use of ‘rotten or musty vegetables and fruits, or those with worm holes’ in the manufacture of fresh juice.

Fresh juices must be preserved in capped bottles and must be consumed in less than two hours after being manufactured, it said.

The rules also ban people from being employed in fresh juice manufacturing plants if they have diseases such as diarrhoea and typhoid or other illnesses that might impact food safety.

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