China, Britain discuss bilateral ties

Beijing, Nov 10 (Calcutta Tube) British Prime Minister David Cameron who is heading a business delegation to China will sign several bilateral trade agreements during the course of his two-day official visit to the country, Xinhua reported.

Cameron, who arrived here Tuesday, with 50 entrepreneurs in his entourage, met with his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao. They exchanged views on China-Britain ties and other issues of common concern.

Wen said he will discuss with Cameron the further boosting of friendly cooperation between the two sides. Cameron said that his government pays close attention to the developments in the bilateral ties. They are expected to sign several agreements after the talks.

Earlier, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan and British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne co-chaired the third China-Britain Economic and Financial Dialogue, which preceded meetings held later Tuesday between Cameron and Chinese leaders.

China hoped the two sides could conduct thorough discussions on strategic, long-term and overall issues regarding bilateral economic ties, so as to inject vigour into the China-Britain ties, Xinhua quoted Wang as saying.

Wang called on the international community to uphold the spirit of constructive cooperation, fight trade protectionism and avoid politicising economic issues.

‘All countries should work together to contribute to robust, sustainable and balanced growth,’ he said.

He said China hoped Britain would make substantial efforts to lift restrictions on exports of advanced technologies to China, to recognise China’s market economy status and create a pro-investment climate for Chinese enterprises in Britain.

The central objectives of resisting protectionism, reducing trade and investment barriers, developing new markets, expanding world trade, and seeking progress on the Doha round of international trade talks were all the cornerstones of shared values, said Osborne.

‘I believe a close collaboration between the UK and China will help the world navigate its way through these uncertain times,’ Osborne added.

It is the first economic and financial dialogue between the two countries since Cameron took office in May.

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