Children anchor radio programmes, share aspirations

Bhopal, March 7 (IANS) All India Radio (AIR) listeners here Sunday had a surprise when they heard children anchoring various programmes and expressing their feelings and aspirations on the occasion of the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting.

The day provides a unique opportunity for child broadcasters to use the medium, and an important part of the initiative is that children themselves decide how and in what way they will participate.

The theme for this year’s ICDB was ‘All Rights All Children’, and a group of children — all below the age of 10 years and from weaker sections of society — expressed their wishes for the future with slogans like ‘Listen to our slogan, Education is our right’, ‘We will associate ourselves with knowledge and even touch the moon’ and ‘We will study to rise high in life’.

‘Many (children) who have been part to this earlier wait for the day and many new join in. It is an interesting experience for some and boost their confidence’, said an AIR official.

‘Radio has already made a comeback as a major source of entertainment. Such an attempt by children would further add to its glory as who doesn’t want to listen or experience the talent of children,’ A.N. Tripathi, a school teacher, said.

‘Radio is the most powerful medium even today and such an opportunity would encourage children to speak about themselves. It would also teach them about communicating with a larger audience. And above all, we the adults would also be able to understand children better who otherwise remain hesitant in expressing themselves,’ S.P. Shukla, one of the participant’s parents, said.

Like AIR, Doordarshan also produced special programme seeking views of child reporters from villages in Hoshangabad district.

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