Child actor Setji to be man of the house!


Don’t be so shocked to read about a small child being a man of the house and taking up all the household responsibilities. Unusual things are a trend when we are talking about daily soaps!

The new venture on Colors, ‘Laagi Tujhse Lagan’ launched this Monday is ready to take a dramatic turn right in the first week. "As shown in the recent episodes, some photographer had clicked a picture of Nakusha and had printed it in a news paper along with some dirty writing. This makes her mother Baabi (Chinmayee Sumeet) to take revenge from the photographer and thus she breaks his camera worth Rs. 25,000. Eventually the cops arrest her and she has to spend some time in jail until and unless the whole money is refunded."

"Now the family is in trouble as the sole earning member of the family is arrested with no funds at home. It comes on the child of the house, Setji (Jay Thakkar) to take up all the responsibilities and handle the family with his tact. Even though the neighbors fool him and make him indulge in bad deeds to earn money, Setji fulfills all the demands in his own style. He indulges in all the bad doings but ultimately arranges for the funds to rescue his mother from jail," adds the source.

See how the little kid strives to rescue his mom while handling the daily household duties!

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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