Chhota mouh badi baat

Chhote Miyan chapter two bachcha-party celebrated their Independence day with the students of ‘Smile Foundation’. They danced, sang song and hoisted the tri-colour with them.

In an interactive session with Chhote Miyan chapter two kids, when we asked these kids about the importance of Independence Day, I was disappointed with their same old parroted textbook answers. But when I started digging them more, I was awestruck to discover the girth of their minds.

Param Vyas shares, “Independence to me is to do anything within the law.” Ayush believes, “We should do good and motivate others too, and that makes you a responsible citizen.” Siddharth’s idea of responsible citizen is, “We should help people when there are any mishaps or calamities.”

Shrishthi Tripathi shares her global thoughts, “I would request everyone to close the dripping taps anywhere, so as to not waste water.” Sanskriti aspires, “I want to become a teacher, so that I can teach all the poor kids. Padhega India, toh hi chalega India.” All these kids unanimously vowed for ‘Bhagat Singh’ as their favorite national hero.

If these are the future of India, it has to be bright.

– Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn Media

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