Chhava-Marathi Movie-Rahul Roy

Actor Rahul Roy talks about his latest Marathi film Chhava.

Chhava-Marathi Movie-Rahul Roy

Actor Rahul Roy talks about his latest Marathi film Chhava.

[ReviewAZON asin=”B000KNHRB2″ display=”inlinepost”]Ashiquie boy is back, in decade old Marathi film ‘Chhava’. Unfortunately the film could not see the daylight for long, even after the completion. After combating many hurdles in it way the film has finally hit the theaters. On its release day, actor Rahul Roy looked as excited as he could have been ten years back. He gets candid in an interview and talks about the film and the challenges during the making.

Tell us about the film and your character.

Chhava actually means a cub. Film is based in a village of Maharashtra. Story revolves around a rich landlord’s son who grows with the guilt that he is the cause of his father’s death. So he leaves the village, and moves to city. But he always wanted to go back to village. Once when he returns, he realizes that he is innocent, in fact the killers are living freely. Then he swears to take revenge of his father’s death.

Why did you choose to do a Marathi film?

My mother is half Marathi, my wife is Marathi and I have grown in Maharashtra so that gives me enough reason to do a Marathi film. Cinema is cinema; language should not be the factor to rate the film. Our Marathi films have reached Oscars that means it has good quality as well as audience for it.

Film is releasing almost after a decade…

At times film made under big banners do get shelved, I am glad that our producer has made it possible today. It is an out and out commercial film with a tinge of comedy, romance and drama in it. I am sure people will like it.

Are you comfortable with the language?

Initially when they approached me I refused to do it, because I didn’t know the language at all. But my wife who is also Maharashtrain pushed me to do it. For me it was double challenge, firstly because I was not acquainted with the language and secondly I had to work with the veteran Marathi actors. I use to rattle the dialogues word by word. At times people present on the set would laugh at me the way I would pronounce specific words, but then they would also help me to get it right. I am happy with the end result of it.

You have done very few films…

I want to do only quality films, so I am rarely seen. I am not a newcomer, so for me Marathi or any regional films does not matter, I believe in good cinema. If the film gets good response I would continue to do Marathi films. In fact, I have decided to do at least one Marathi film a year.

You never changed your hairstyle

People talk about it anyway.I am happy that I still have them to flaunt.

-Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn

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