Chattogram Astragar Lunthan (1970)

Chattogram Astragar Lunthan (1970)

  • Direction: Nirmal Chowdhury
  • Story: Charu Bikash Dutta
  • Music Direction: Kalipada Sen; Background music direction by Gopen Mullick, Rabindra Sangeet Direction by Dwijen Chowdhury,
  • Lyric: Rabindranath Tagore – (Ooi Bhubano Mono Mohini, Oder Bandhan Jotoi Shokto Hobe); Kazi Nazrul Islam (Urdhe Gogone Baje Madol, Karar Oi Lauho Kopat)
  • Playback Singers:
  • Cast: Dipti Roy, Banani Chowdhury, Smritirekha Biswas, Aparna, Monorama, Kalpana Roy, Dipak Mukherjee, Gautam Mukherjee, Suneel Dasgupta, Dhiraj Das, Manik Banerjee, Debabrata Mukherjee, Amar Chatterjee, Indradeb, Panna Sen, Ambu Majumdar, Satyen Banerjee, Purnendu Mukherjee, Jahid Hossain, Sailen Sarkar, Anil Das, Raj Kumar Lahidi, Bhoben Majumdar  and more
  • Cinematography: D. Mehta
  • Camera: MIracle Michelle Camera
  • Art Direction: Anil Pal, assistant: Indradeb, Chedilal
  • Editing: Ardhendu Chatterjee
  • Light: Lakshman Mistri
  • Make Up: Tinkori Adhikari
  • Sound Department: Abani Chatterjee
  • Musical Intruments by: Dhiren Pal, Somen Chatterjee, Sudhanshu Roy Chowdhury
  • Music Recording: RCA instrument
  • Filmed internally at: Bengal National Studio  (86 No. Barrackpore Trank Road, Kolkata -35)
  • Post editing: Bengal Film Laboratories Limited.
  • Biswa Poribeshana:
  • Presented by S.D. Narang
  • Nibedon: Bengal National Studio
  • Produced by: Satyadeb Narang.
  • Projojona:

Brief Review:

Chattogram Astragar Lunthan is a bengali movies based on our own history during the time of our fight for freedom. The movie nicely uses patriotic songs by Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul. Specially the song “Karar Oi Lauha Kopat” is beautifully sung in this movie. Kalipada Sen relied on the best lyricist for his songs. The movie was filmed at the Bengal National Studio in Barrackpore, like most other bengali movies of that time. A great movie to remember our glorious past during the time of need.

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