Channel V is Bloody Cool!


Channel V is going for a new look all the way with the baseline called Bloody Cool. The channel is coming up with six new shows with two new VJ’s added in this new journey.

Bloody Cool is the all– new Channel V baseline. A verbal microcosm of all things hip and happening to today’s youth– from romance to relationship, from peer groups to flash mobs, from music to movies, from looking good to chilling out, from make-up to break-ups. All served with the unique and iconic Channel V attitude. The channel that asked you to ‘mind it’ and said we were like this only, is now officially Bloody Cool.

Bloody New is the top six new shows that will be soon launched on the channel.

V Exhausted– An extreme reality game show where falling asleep will be the contestants’ worst nightmare.

V Dare to date– An anti-romance, anti-mush series pairing together two people not made for each other, who are sent on a romantic weekend together. Sheer high-voltage drama.

V Kidnap– A unique, new romance-meets-adventure-meets-reality-game show that will test the strength of relationship like never before.

Lola Sunday– A half-hour show of laughter and insanity starring Channel V’s very own beauty on duty, Lola Kutty.

School of Cool– A fun-da-mental GPS system for the college goers to navigate through their college life.

Campus Blog– The first ever blog show on TV that candidly captures the wackiest moments in the campuses across the country.

Along side there are some known and new faces as VJ’s. VJ Manish and VJ Andy are the new members to the family, while VJ Juhi and VJ Lola Kutty are the famous faces of the channel.

This new face of Channel V can be seen from 22 August. So are you ready to get Bloody cool with Channel V.

-Sampurn Media

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