Chalo Let’s Go (2008) by Director Anjan Dutta

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Chalo Let’s Go (2008) by Director Anjan Dutta

Anjan Dutta
Music by: Neel Dutta Releasing on: June 6 th in Calcutta

Parambrata, Aparajita, Saswata, Ritwick, Sunita, Dhruv, Bidhipta, Churni, Kaushik, Rudraneel, Koneenica, Neel, Arindam, Barun Chanda and more.

Produced by:
OPTIMA Films (producer of Badadin)
Chalo Let\'s Go, Anjan Dutta
Cholo Lets Go Songs, MP3
Running at Calcutta Movie Halls:

  1. Fame Highland Park, Kolkata, 4 pm
  2. Inox – Salt Lake, 5:15 pm
  3. Inox – Swabhumi, 1 pm
Anjan Dutta has already shown his abilities in music, acting, directing …..he is really a very talented person. After the huge success of “Bow Barrack Forever” he is back with yet another direction “Chalo Let’s Go”. Chalo Let’s go has been filmed in Calcutta and Darjeeling. Darjeeling must have been very pleasant to Anjan Dutta again! The story is about a music band group. They could not succeed and opened a travel agency. They make a trip with 10 travellers to Darjeeling. Now what? Guys, if you have watched the film already please wtite a review for us! Anjan Dutta said he always wanted to do a modern bengali film with humour, and Chalo Let’s Go is THE film! This movie reportedly pays tribute to old black and while bengali movie period (we have the track : ei poth jodi na sesh hoi) in the film. Please write us a review if you have watched the film.
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Update: Song: Cross The Line by Rupam Islam in the Fim: Chalo Let’s Go Update: We are updating the post with some of the songs that you can listen online, just by clicking the radio below.

Cholo Let’s Go Track List:

  1. Cholo lets go-Anjan Dutta
  2. Chupi Chupi Raat-Rupankar
  3. Ei Poth Jodi Na Sesh Hoi-Shrikanta Acharya, Anjan Dutta
  4. Cross The Line-Rupam Islam
  5. Gan Khuje Pay-Rupankar
  6. Amazing Grace-Nochiketa,Tania & children’s Choir
  7. Ache Dukkho Ache Mrittu –Sreekanta
  8. Cholo Lets Go-Theme By amit dutta
  9. Ei Poth-Karaoke

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  1. Are bhai….aai boi ta to khali naam r gaan sunchi 1 yr dhore…keo ki dekhecho….ami 1000 taka debo bhai keo amai aai boi ta pathao…….ki boi …kono link nai… nai…..dhur….Anjan Da kichu koro

  2. It’s on youtube now. the videos are out of order though and in some of them sound is out of sync. It’s a nice movie.

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