Challenge (2009)

Raj Chakraborty, the famous director of blockbuster “Chirodini Tumi Je Amar”, is just finishing his next venture “Challenge” Starring Dev and Subhashree. The Bengali Movie is produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and will be ready to release on Poila Boishakh, 2009 (Raj Chakraborty reported to CalcuttaTube). The film will be featuring a song sequence in Egypt for the first time in the history of Bengali Cinema.

Challenge (2009)

Director: Raj Chakraborty
Produced by: Shree Venkatesh Films
Cast: Dev, Subhashree
Estimated date of Release: 20th MARCH, 2009

Watch at: Fame Highland, Inox Burdwan and 89 Durgapur.

Dev - Subhashree Ruling The City
Dev - Subhashree Ruling The City

Raj Chakraborty, the famous director of blockbuster “Chirodini Tumi Je Amar”, is just finishing his next venture “Challenge” Starring Dev and Subhashree. The Bengali Movie is produced by Shree Venkatesh Films and will be ready to release on Poila Boishakh, 2009 (Raj Chakraborty reported to CalcuttaTube). The film will be featuring a song sequence in Egypt for the first time in the history of Bengali Cinema.

Subhashree narrates the storyline in brief to CalcuttaTube. She portrays a girl with a extremely conservative/obsessive father. Her father just can’t tolerate any other guy looking at his daughter face to face. He can not accept anybody who tries to be friend with his daughter. He terrifies, beats everybody to protect his daughter. Subhashree in the films also loves her dad but at the same time dreams about someone capable enough to challenge her dad. Who can really fight her dad for Subhashree. Here comes our hero Dev to save and love Subhashree.

Dev told to Calcuttatube that Challenge is definitely a love story but “action” dominates everything else. Now people who can not think Dev apart from being “Romance Hero” will have an angry, solid, young man in Challenge.

We are eagerly waiting for the grand success of Challenge.


[youtube][/youtube]Exclusive Music Video from the Bengali Movie CHALLENGE
The Height of Entertainment – Review by Moumita Sarkar (Student, Journalism)

After “Chirodini Tumi Je Amar’’director Raj Chakraborty is ready to present new spicy dish called “Challenge’’.  It does not give you a moment to sit back with its stylish look.

is all about angry & hotty Dev with his new look. He is playing Abir .

The film starts with utmost horror. In a first scene of the movie, the muscle men (hooligans) took off a boy’s eyes because he looked at Puja played by Subhashree. This scene makes you feel very shivering & shocked. In the film Puja is presented as a rich, sweet & innocent girl. On the other hand Abir is belonged to middle class family. Both of them are class mates. Puja always comes to college along with her father’s muscle men. Abir is first young man who talked with her. Both become friends and consequently they feel that they have fallen in love with each other. Abir knows that she carries with her an excess baggage that threatens to take his life away. This excess baggage is Puja’s demonic father Agnidev Sen (Rajatava Dutta) who’s overly possessive of his daughter. For him, the hand that dares to touch Puja’s heart just has to be cut. Agnidev Sen leaves no stone unturned to make life hell for Abir. Abir challenges Agnidev Sen that he will be his future son in law.
In a first half Raj present lots more fight sequence which can be edited. All Comedy portions of the film is really enjoyable specially Abir’s mother (Laboni Sarkar) and father (Biswajeet) are really fantastic in comedy. After first half, Raj presents the actual challenge between Agnidev & Abir. Rajatava acts perfectly as a bad man. Dev stays in complete control of his character & convincingly brings out the emotional sides of Abir when he confesses his love in front of Puja’s grand father.

Subhashree has nothing much to do. She is just a glam doll & is ok in her role as a chirpy, spoilt 18 years old. As a pair, Dev & Subhashree looks just ok, not so good.

The action sequences with background music ‘’Challenge ni bi na sala’’ makes you feel very energeti. Dev just keeps getting better at doing unimaginable stunts. Fighting master Judo Ramu hatt’s off to you. Choregrapher Dorai Swami & Raja Yadav did a good job specially in ‘’Ei hawa silky silky’’. Music is all ready hit & music director Jeet Ganguli once again proved him. ’’Jani na’’ sang by Nochiketa is very emotional & melodious song. This song sequence is very finely picturised. Script & dialogue writer N.K Sallil knows the test of audience as the story is so common but he presents in a new mode. Pasteurization, camera work is fantastic. Location of Dubai is favulous.

Two new lyricists Debendu & Avimannu have done well job especially in title song. Raj pours love, action, comedy, emotions everything in this film .It can be compared with Hindi commercial film also.

If you want to fresh your mind & need to test something juice, Raj ‘s new cocktail entertaining film ‘’Challenge’’ is perfect for you.

Movie Review by- Moumita Sarkar

Challenge (released on 20.03.09)
Review by: Anirban De

The Intro:

A Shree Venkatesh Films presentation of an action packed Bengali movie with comedy and romance getting their own bit of share. The director, Raj Chakrabarty surprises us with his use of Dev as an angry young man, a role that his  fans are quite unaccustomed to behold and Subhasree has been ably contrasted in the role of the lead heroine to add the much needed charm in this movie. But if proper acting is to be considered alone, it has been provided by the veteran triplets comprising of Rajatava, Kharaj and Biswajit Chakrabarty whose classy show seemed to be the best part of this film. Also mention must be made of the director’s smart use of Partha, Pradip, Abhimanyu and several other Mirakkel participants in various side-roles. Somak Mukherjee’s cinematography is excellent and fight master Judo Ramu must be complimented for his contributions which made the action scenes quite convincing.

The Music:

As to the music direction, a mixed praise is due to Jeet Ganguli for though most of the numbers have been superbly orchestrated and the theme song is quite catchy but the use of slangs, non-Bengali words and compromising the tune of ‘Bhaja Gouranga Laha Gouranga‘ can’t be justified. Shreya Ghoshal , Shaan, Nachiketa clearly stand out from the rest in the songs while in the lyrics the best were Nachiketa’s ‘Janina’ and Dipangshu’s ‘Bondhura Elomelo‘.

The Analysis

Now coming to the main story, it starts with Mr. Agnidev Sen (Rajatava), the last word in the shipping business, featuring as a possessive and over protective father to his only daughter, Puja (Subhashree). Otherwise a ruthless man, Agnidev’s main weakness is his daughter and he can’t bear the thought of any guy approaching her. To ensure this, he employs his henchmen as security for Puja’s  protection with the instruction to cream any body that tries to even pass a fleeting glance at her. This causes panic among the boys in Puja’s college and prevents Puja to comfortably mix with her college mates. At this juncture comes Abeer (Dev), a fresher in the Arts section, who proves to be a tough guy in his first day when he beats up his seniors as the later tries to rag him and this earns him respect among Puja’s bodyguards too. Following this, Puja, quite obviously, falls for Abeer and he too reciprocates and thus begins the challenge for Abeer to fight Agnidev for his daughter’s hands. The rest of this action dominated film illustrates how the prudent Abeer risk his life in foiling each of Agnidev’s ploy of keeping Puja away from him. Amid this grim plot, the director doesn’t forget to provide relief in the form of the comic college principal (Kharaj) and his peon and the humorous tones set by Biswajit Chakrabarty and Laboni Sarkar as Abeer’s parents. The whole show culminates in the marriage between Abeer and Puja and Agnidev succumbing to a more rational view that was quite foreign to him in the start.

The movie is strewn with witty dialogues and the songs were more or less correctly timed to reflect the various moods of the movie though over simplification at parts seems to be one of its chief  faults. Another question that I can’t help asking is why in the first place Mr. Sen allows her daughter to get admitted to a co-education college where the chance of crossing path with boys increases for Puja? Well, barring these the rest of the film is quite an entertainment that spans for just over two hours and though the 2nd day showed a sparse crowd at Priya but it has materials for hitting to the top in the list with respect to the current releases.

Movie Stills

EXCLUSIVE Photogallery (courtesy Venkatsh Films)

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  9. i didn’t like subhashree in this film ,her eyes r xpressionless
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  18. Hi ,I am Mrinmoy .I have seen the “CHALLENGE”  movie .It was just an excelent movie and I am a very big fan of   Dev & Shubhasree.

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    I watched Challenge today, about 3 months later it has been released because I dont stay in India and have to depend on some websites. The film is simply simply superbbbbbbbb. I am a die hard fan of Dev. I have seen I love u, Premer kahini. Mon mane na and lastly Challenge. Dev is too good in all these movies , but Challenge is simply fatafati. I wish and pray for Dev so that he can give 100sss of such good films.
    If Dev ever brouse through this website- I would like to let him know that he has a die hard fan watching every film of him 20 times in USA.



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