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Eti (2008) Bengali Film Review

Eti is a Bengali Film based on a MMS scandel. It is more like a routine love story where a bunch of college-goers get together, play pranks and make merry but are caught unawares? or rather with their pants down ? by the subsequent twists and turns. By the end of it, Eti becomes a complex story too simply told.

Hasi Khushi Club (2009) Bengali Movie Review

Hasi Khushi Club is a Bengali Comedy Movie directed by Shankha Bandopadhyay, starring Jeet and Barsha in lead roles. The Film is the comeback fight for superstar Jeet who is not doing too many films and neither his films are doing any good at the box office. Unfortunately, even the Hasi Khushi Club lacks the craze that we have encountered for Challenge, Chirodini Tumi Je Amar and some other