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Hema Malini on summer camp promotions

Bollywood Actress Hema MaliniBollywood actress Hema Malini is busy these days preparing for her daughter Esha Deol’s marriage scheduled for June 29.  TWF correspondent Sreya Basu catches up with the original Dreamgirl of Bollywood as she was seen promoting Just Chill Summer Camp 2012 in Mumbai
How is the preparation for Esha’s marriage going on?
It’s going on pretty well…very well.
What have you shopped for yourself for the marriage?
You are asking very personal questions now.
With lifetime awards being given away to senior actors at every award function, how much value would you add to them?
You are right. Lifetime achievement awards are something which everyone keeps getting every other day. We have crossed that stage in terms of age. So kahi bhi kisi bhi award function mein who mil jata hai. It’s a happy thing for us…they give the award and we take it. But life is a long process to keep on learning every minute.

Why is that you are against heroines doing item numbers?
Top actresses must never do item songs … that’s what I think. There are other girls who are meant for those songs…they have practiced for that…they have conditioned their bodies and everything for that kind of item. So, I feel, it does not look very comfortable to see heroines doing item numbers which the other girls should do.

While you ended your Rajya Sabha term, your friend Rekha has been joined the Upper House of the Parliament as a MP. Did you give her any tips?
There is no need to give her any tips. She will learn on her own like I did. Nobody teaches you everything in life … you have to learn on your own.
Presidential election is scheduled for July 19. Who would you like to see as the next President of India?
It’s better if we get someone non-political. Of course, he has to be a highly qualified person. The President’s position is too high and we need someone non-political to handle it, who will understand everything and yet not from any particular political party.

Why are you promoting a summer camp of all things?
Summer vacation is a time for extra-curricular activities. The kind of activities Just Chill Summer Camp is offering is really good. Now-a-days kids’ world is very competitive. They have to study too much. The children take a lot of stress; even the parents put a lot of stress on them. But if mind gets diverted to outdoor activities, games and health, then the concentration level in studies increases.
Name a film of yours which is still preferred by today’s kids. 
Sholay is a very popular film. Even today kids want to do an act out of that.

What tips would you like to give to all kids in the rat race?
The kids should understand the body is a very beautiful creation of God …a gift from God, and that they should preserve it very nicely. According to Shastras (scriptures of Hinduism), there are many Gods and Goddesses inside our body. You don’t have to search outside. Parents should make kids understand that God is inside them and teach them little meditation. Meditation will help them concentrate in their studies also. Music and dance also help a lot. When my children (Esha and Ahana) were studying, there was a time when they were doing very poor in mathematics (like many children). Then I put them to dancing and said, ‘You have to learn it’. When you dance, it requires a lot on concentration…there is a need for coordination of hands, eyes, expression, legs, in fact the whole body. And their concentration power automatically improved.

Boman Irani, Farah Khan on Hindi film ‘Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi’

Boman-Irani_Farah-KhanJune 7, 2012 (Calcutta Tube): Choreographer-turned-director Farah Khan will be making her acting debut in romantic comedy Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi opposite Boman Irani.The duo talks about the upcoming film. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.
You are making your debut as a heroine at 47 in Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi. Were you apprehensive about the move? 
Farah: I didn’t want to take such a big leap but as Boman was there with me in the lead, it became easier.
Farah, you are playing a Parsi in the film. How did you prepare for the role?
Farah: I went out and met a lot of Parsis…in fact, I met a lot of Bomans because he is so much fun and a true Parsi.
While you were acting, did the director in you use to pop up at times?
Farah: I thought I was only being an actress and throwing tantrums and telling Bela I won’t do this and that. On a serious note, no I didn’t butt in. I think as much as I am a control-freak, I gave complete control to Bela and Sanjay because it was their work that I decided to take such a brave leap. We would keep improvising and ask Bela (Bhansali Sehgal, director) if we could do this and wear that. Other than that I was being an actress and used to play games in-between shots in Boman’s make-up van and we were only playing games. We are only good friends.
There is a scene where Boman is trying to sell lingerie to Farah. So what happened after the shoot? 
Boman: After that scene, she (Farah) took me in the van and said: ‘Look Boman, now whenever I go for you-know-what kind of shopping, you need to come and help me out’; since I [am] an expert on it now.
Farah: What rubbish!
There is also a towel scene in the film…
Farah: You know, Boman has done a nude scene in the film. So please come and watch.
Boman: Actually on the set it was a full nude scene. But because of Sanjay (Leela Bhansali) and Bela’s mom was there on the set…
Farah: (Interrupts) …And my children and my mother-in-law decided to come to shoot that day; Boman was there sitting in a little towel.

So Farah must have enjoyed the scene as it is typical of Sanjay Bhansali film; Ranbir Kapoor also did one in Saawariya.  
Farah: I agree. But why did they give me Boman in towel, mujhe Ranbir de dete.
You have a kissing scene in the film. How was it? 
Boman: First she (Farah) would say ‘I don’t want to do a kissing scene’. Then she would come to my van and say, ‘I think Bela wants us to do the kissing scene. So let’s rehearse’. And we used to rehearse the kissing scene for an hour, an hour-and-a-half, and get tired. Everybody knows when you rehearse your dialogues, your mouth gets hurt. Our mouths also hurt a lot and then she used to go back to the sets and say, ‘No, no Bela, I don’t want to do the kissing scene’.
With kissing scenes, towel sequences and the hero as bra and panty salesman, can we call this film Boman and Farah’s ‘Dirty Picture’?
Boman: You are absolutely right.
Who dominated the sets – Boman or Farah?
Boman: I have 27 years of playing a Parsi at home, which means, only women do the talking.
Farah, what would you like to take home from the sets every day?
Farah: Boman.
Boman: (Simultaneously) Me, me, me. She would take me home every night.
Farah: What are you saying! Shirish Kunder is my husband.
Boman: So what?
Farah: We are just good friends.
Shah Rukh Khan has praised your and Boman’s poster of Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi. What are your reactions?
Farah: Shah Rukh always had the hots for me…for a long time. We know it. He loves me and Boman you come second in my list.

Sreya Basu / Trans World Features (TWF)

Politics influencing Suvaprasanna’s art

SubhaprasannaMay 20, 2012 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Eminent painter Suvaprasanna was recently in Dhaka for a solo exhibition jointly organized by Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts (Dhaka) and Akar Prokar Art (Kolkata).Excerpts from the conversation:

your paintings were exhibited in Dhaka, So, how was your experience?

This is not the first time that I have done a show in Bangladesh. Earlier in 1989 I did a show over there.

It was good. I received an excellent review. Both Indian and Bangladeshi media covered the event. People over there want me to showcase my works more often. This time my theme was ‘Anarchy and the Blue’. It was a successful event.

What was your experience back in 1989?

Initially, I was not that excited but few painters, intellectuals and ministers called me up to say that they would prefer to see my work over there.

And moreover, when I came to know that I have a number of fans over there who are eager to see my work, I was quite convinced then.

There is a huge gap of 22 years between these two solo exhibitions. Were there any differences?

We are changing everyday including you and me. There are no such changes in the cultural realm. But, yes I am more politically involved these days which is changing my perception about a lot of things. Hence, my art is also getting influenced by it.

What is your take on the collaboration between Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts (Dhaka) and Akar Prokar Art (Kolkata)?

I think that due to this exhibition the friendship between these two countries will enhance. But, there are few people who are against this cultural collaboration as they still consider India to be an enemy country. If this situation can be overcome then it will help both the countries to strengthen their relationship.

What inspires you for your paintings?

I draw inspiration mostly from human beings. Sometimes it is represented through icons. My work generally consists of an entire series.

What interests you most giving shape to your work? Is it imagination or capturing real life?

The concept comes from inner perception. Every individual has his own perception that differs from one another.

Do you require mood to work?

Since we are professionals, we don’t depend on mood. We work regularly. Once I start working the mood automatically develops.

One of your favourite subjects is crow; but why?

It is natural to choose crow as a subject as we stay in Kolkata. I believe that they are also the citizens of Kolkata.

Shreejata Niyogi, Tania Roy / IBNS

Shazahn Padamsee

Shazahn Padamsee on Hindi film Housefull 2 (Interview)

Shazahn PadamseeBollywood actress Shazahn Padamsee has become the new hot-bod of Bollywood, With her bikini scene in Housefull 2. The actress talks about her role in the film. Read the interview at Calcutta Tube.
You kissed Ranbir Kapoor in Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year and donned a bikini in Housefull 2. How comfortable are you with bold scenes and characters?
As you know, I am from the theatre and my dad (Alyque Padamsee) has always told me from the beginning that forget about everything, think  is there an interesting role for you to play. So whether it is a bold or an innocent character or whatever, as long as the character appeals to me and I think I can bring my uniqueness to it, I will go for it.
Do you think these days bold scenes are put to make the film more saleable?
It all depends on the film. If it’s aesthetically shot, then the scene adds to the film. Like in Housefull 2, I was wearing a bikini and shorts and it was so aesthetically shot that everybody said the scene was looking very cute. It has to suit you. If you have a good body, go and flaunt it.
How are you chalking your careergraph?
I am not strategically planning anything … that I will so this first, and then go to the next step. Whatever comes my way, I will accept it as long as I feel excited about the project.  I want to be careful while choosing a project so that I don’t have to regret anything in future.
So far, we have only seen you in multi-starrers. When can you see you in solo lead?
Everybody dreams to do solo lead and I too would love that to happen to me. I think there are people like me to whom things happen slowly.
Do you want to go back to theatres once again?
Let’s see. I would love to take out some time this year and do a play. I love doing theatre, I love acting on stage.
Taking about regret, do the rumours of your link-ups in media upset you?
Well, media is always intrusive. You go shopping somewhere or go to watch a movie, the next day it’s in the papers. But then, that’s a part and parcel of Bollywood industry. You got to take in the bad along with the good.
You were recently spotted at a book reading session of Neeta Shah’s Bollywood Striptease. Are you an avid book reader?
 I have been wanting to do something like this (book reading session) for a long time since I am from the theatre. I absolutely loved Neeta’s book Bollywood Striptease… she has done a fantastic job.
The book unfolds the muck that kills Bollywood dreams. How far can you relate to the book?
I do think there are a lot of similarities with me and Nikki (whose journey through the Bollywood maze is captured in the book). Like her, I am also from South Bombay. She leaves everything and comes to Bollywood to start a new life and all the struggles she faces, the character she meets  and the funny incidents she has … they are all very similar and I could relate to it. So I thought why not take part in this book reading session.

Going back to your bikini-bod, what do you do to maintain it?
I just go to the gym, am into kick-boxing and swimming.

Sreya Basu / Trans World Features (TWF)