Cardiologist Tarun Praharaj: Heart diseases to be major killer by 2020

Kolkata, December 5, 2010 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): Noted cardiologist Tarun Praharaj warned that by 2020 heart diseases are going to be the leading killers and India will be the capital of diabetes and heart diseases.

Cardiologist Tarun Praharaj
Cardiologist Tarun Praharaj

“The young persons are getting heart diseases these days, by 2020 heart diseases will be the leading killer disease,” Praharaj said on Thursday.

Dr. Praharaj, Director, Cardiac Catheterizaton Laboratory, Senior Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, BM Birla Heart Research Centre celebrated the completion of 100 years by one of the oldest survivors in India, V.L.Bela, who had undergone Stent Angioplasty successfully.

“The time when V.L.Bela had undergone angioplasty he was 94 years of age. He is probably the oldest person in India to undergo Stent Angioplasty and this has been one of the longest follow-up of patient leading a normal life even at the age of hundred,” Praharaj said.

He also informed that people in India need to get more informed and aware about Stent Angioplasty as well as about cardiac problems.

“More awareness is required for Stent Angioplasty for the age group above 80 but even greater degree of awareness is required for premature heart problem among today’s generation, People need to get more informed about the symptoms and preventive measures for cardiac problems,” he added.

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