Camel stuck on rail tracks disrupts Mumbai-Ahmedabad services

Mumbai, Feb 15 (IANS) A stray camel which got stuck on the railway tracks near the Maharashtra-Gujarat border Monday evening caused a major disruption in train traffic on the Mumbai-Ahmedabd sector of Western Railway, an official said.

The camel got stuck on the railway bridge tracks between Boisar-Palghar, around 100 km north of Mumbai, at 7.30 p.m., said a Western Railway pokesman.

Train traffic was halted for over three hours as rescuers tried to free the hapless animal.

A driver of the Saurashtra Express saw the animal attempting to free itself and later alerted the railway authorities.

A rescue team drawn from nearby stations was organised and they managed to rescue the creature after a frantic three hours.

As per preliminary information, the camel was searching for food and had apparently strayed onto the railway bridge tracks.

Luckily for the creature, all the trains on the line halted during the rescue operation and were delayed by over 3 hours.

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