Cabinet approves Rs.2,873 crore for Mizoram

New Delhi, July 15 (IANS) The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs Thursday approved Rs.2,873.13 crore for a new scheme in Mizoram for converting people from jhum, or slash and burn method of farming, to permanent cultivation of land.

An official statement said that the cabinet panel approved the ‘Comprehensive and Integrated Socio-Economic Development Project under the New Land Use Policy (NLUP) of Government of Mizoram’.

‘All Jhumia families will switch over to permanent livelihood activities having ownership of land access to link roads, irrigation, water harvesting and would get remunerative prices for produces,’ the statement said. The scheme will benefit around 1.2 lakh families over five years.

The project has two main components, activity-specific beneficiary and infrastructure component.

The village level committees will be empowered to prepare land use plan, beneficiary selection, allotment of land and preparation of village level project and action plan.

‘This would get incorporated in the district plans and the state plan which would be implemented by the department concerned,’ said the statement.

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