Build consensus on Kashmir resolution: Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to Advani

September 6, 2010,Srinagar (Calcutta Tube/AIP): Peoples Democratic Party patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has said wading through blood and misery Kashmir has presented an unprecedented opportunity to the country to respond to its problems with a large hearted approach, understanding and boldness. In a statement faxed to Agence India Press here he said this opportunity needs to be seized in time rather than waiting for the issue to disappear.

Mufti said the fact that there is an avowed disapproval of violence in all political expressions emanating from the state should be respected and genuine and meaningful initiative launched to resolve the issue amicably. To achieve this countrywide consensus needs to be built on addressing the issues in a dignified and democratic manner and sentiments of the people here taken on board.

Regretting the observations of the senior BJP leader LK Advani opposing any moves by the government on Kashmir to address the crisis, Mufti said a statesmanlier attitude was expected of the former Dy prime minister who has dealt with Kashmir at very crucial turning point.

Discounting Advani’s accusations about PDP providing manpower to street protests, Mufti said it was unfortunate he had chosen to pick up very small talk on a big issue that is confronting the moral core of the country. He said it was a cruel irony that the successor to Atal Behari Vajpayee and shadow prime minister of largest democracy in the world should have tried to reduce a political, moral and humanitarian challenge into a stone pelting discourse, not trying to grasp the sentiment that his own party stalwarts in the parliament acknowledged in more wholesome and terms.

Murli Manohar Joshi and Sushma Swaraj had categorically stated the sentiment to be of Azadi, Mufti reminded Advani and said the challenge before the country is to address that sentiment in a humane, respectful and innovative manner that our democratic system is fully capable of coming up with.

He said as an inheritor of Vajpayee legacy and senior most leaders Advani should have led the humanitarian agenda of the former prime minister to build a consensus on resolution of Kashmir that had once shown dramatic results on the internal and external dimensions of the problem.

Mufti said the political class of the country has to respond to the crisis in Kashmir that has been the creation of an exclusive dependence on bureaucratic-security mechanism. All major political parties

irrespective of partisan considerations need to show solidarity with the most distressed region that has to be part of country’s conscience and not just a spot on its political boundaries and a festering humanitarian sore.

The country should reach out to the highly civilized people of Kashmir with serious moves to gain their confidence rather than try to seek surrender from them or inflict defeat on them, Mufti said and reiterated that ideas have to be met with more innovative ideas to come out of dead ends. (AIPTV).

by Agence India Press

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