British director wants to make film with Saif

Mumbai, June 28 (Calcutta Tube) British director Jon Harris, who had edited critically acclaimed Hindi film ‘Being Cyrus’, is keen to make a movie with Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan.

His ‘The Decent 2’ is releasing here July 2 and while he was promoting the film, he was asked a question about one actor with whom he would like to work with and why, said a press statement.

To this Harris quickly replied: ‘Saif Ali Khan. I haven’t met him but I loved his role in a film for which I was an editor. I am looking forward to work with the actor if get an opportunity.

‘He has this unique feature he can look young at the same time mature. I look at him as the Wolverine i.e. Hugh Jackman of India and am really looking forward to direct him as soon as I get a green signal for my next projects as director.’

Apart from directing ‘The Descent 2’, Harris has been the editor of films like ‘The Pond’, ‘Eden Lake’, ‘Stardust’, ‘Snatch’, ‘Kick-Ass’ and soon to be released ‘X-Men: First Class’.

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