BRATYA (The Ostracized) Bengali Documentary Film by Abhishek Ganguli and and Arindam Ghosh

Bratya – The Ostracized is a Bengali language documentary film directed by Abhishek Ganguly. Read the synopsis and details of BRATYA at CalcuttaTube.

Bratya Bengali Documentary Film
Bratya Bengali Documentary Film

March 21 (Calcutta Tube):Bratya – The Ostracized is a Bengali language documentary film directed by Abhishek Ganguly and Arindam Ghosh. Read the synopsis and details of BRATYA at CalcuttaTube.

Learning System’s :Cinema For A Cause Initiative Presents BRATYA (The Ostracised)

Sanjay used to work in a Private Firm. His world revolved around his Father; Elder Sister and girlfriend Ritu. But there was a kind of vacuum in his life….some kind of boredom…emptiness.

In search of temporary excitement and adventure; he started visiting the red light area….……very soon regular recurrence of fever weakened him…the Doctor advised him to get a detailed Blood Report done. The Report stated that Sanjay was HIV Positive.

Sanjay was ostracized from the Society…his near and dear ones deserting him….only his Father was by his side.

This 15 Mins.  Bengali  Docu-Fiction  portrays the struggle of the HIV Positive Population of the Country…the Stigma they face due to Societal ignorance. The Camera comes face to face with  Real Life  Doctors;Social Workers and HIV Positive Patients.

The Film has already been screened at Different Festivals/ Symposiums/Workshops/Seminars by Different Non-Governmental Organisations and Govt. Bodies.

Complete Cast and Crew

  • Language: Bengali with English Sub Titles
  • Duration: 14 mins.30 secs
  • Direction: Abhishek Ganguli(a Creative Professional running his Creative Management Company Learning System for the last 15 Years) and Arindam Ghosh (a Freelance Director with lots of TV Serials/Non-fiction Programmes/Documentaries to his credit)
  • Script: Sabyasachi Sarkar and Arindam Ghosh
  • Camera and Voice-over: Abhishek Ganguli
  • Editing: Suvrojit Adak
  • Produced and Presented by: Learning System
  • Cast : Arindam;Abira;Samar;Madumita;Lopa;Debasish and others.
  • Film has been screened at: SHORTS’08: Film Festival in Jamshedpur; Kolkata Film Festival’08

An effort of Cinema For A Cause Venture

BRATYA coverage provided by LEARNING SYSTEM.

Learning_System-Online Media Partner
Learning_System-Online Media Partner

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