Brake Fail (2009) Bengali Film

Brake Fail (2009) is a Bengali Film starring Parambrata,Swastika mukherjee,Annu Kapoor,Santu mukherjee,Biplab chatterjee; directed by Kaushik Ganguly, the Bengali movie is a comedy drama based on communalism with love story in its backdrop. Neel Dutt is composing the songs of the Upcoming Bengali Movie Brake Fail.

Brake Fail (2009) Benhali Film
Brake Fail (2009) is a Bengali Film starring Parambrata,Swastika mukherjee,Annu Kapoor,Santu mukherjee,Biplab chatterjee; directed by Kaushik Ganguly, the Bengali movie is a comedy drama based on communalism with love story in its backdrop. Neel Dutt has composed the songs of the Bengali Movie Brake Fail.

The movie “Brake Fail (2009)” is the upcoming movie of Kaushik Ganguly.

Director: Kaushik Ganguly
Cast: Parambrata,Swastika mukherjee, Annu Kapoor, Santu mukherjee, Biplab chatterjee, Arindam sil and others
Music director:Neel dutt
Executive Producer: Arindam Sil
Cinematographer: Rakesh Kumar Singh
Editor: Mainak Bhaumik

Brake fail Bengali Movie Stills
Brake fail Bengali Movie Stills

Brake fail, however, is a comedy movie but it is of a different genre than “Jackpot”.It is to see whether this movie turns out  as good as “Jackpot”and commercially more successful than the latter.

Director/Producer: Send use promotional materials, Trailers, Press Release information at admin@calcuttatube.comNews coverage by: Kanishka – CT contributor from Kolkata.

Brake Fail Bangla Film-upcoming Bengali Movie
Brake Fail Bangla Film-upcoming Bengali Movie
Brake Fail-Bengali Movie -Critic’s Review 1: A Refreshing Relief
Get ready for approximately two and a half hours of comic entertainment labeled Brake Fail, a Mumbai Mantra presentation directed by Kaushik Ganguly with sequences to send you reeling with laughter and is truly a refreshing relief amid the hot and humid weather of the city. But it must surely be admitted that the movie lacks cohesiveness which may be the primary and maybe, not the only, cause of not creating a lasting impact on the critic’s mind. There is some pleasant cinematography of Rakesh Kumar Singh but the main storyline, though punched with witty dialogues, often strays off in confusion and the ending seems very much oversimplified. Neel Dutt’s compositions are again fantastic and the best thing in Neel is that he is correctly not at all reserved to keep the lyrics bounded by any linguistic barrier.

The main story sparks off with a chance meeting of a Muslim girl Hena and a promising car-mechanic Sidhu on their way to Calcutta. Hena was escaping from the clutches of her foster mother Sabina bent on delivering her in marriage to a smuggler family while Sidhu was on his way to shape his career in the city of joy, specifically at Papaji’s garage. Unable to leave the lonely girl to the mercy of the crowded city, Sidhu took Hena with him to the eccentric Papaji and introduced her as his Hindu wife Rupa. As Sidhu started on his job in the garage he was introduced to the rest of the crew particularly to the rowdy Shanti whose ego was shattered by Sidhu’s expertise and though they started off on a discord but a surprise turn turnde them friends to heart.

Thus when everything was looking okay, Shanti and Sidhu stumbled on a car containing smuggled fire arms and found themselves chased by the police all over the city. The don who actually carried out these illegal transactions managed to rope in Papaji in the trap and thus the whole of Papaji’s crew with Hena took off on a stolen lorry to the outskirts of the city.

What remains to be seen is how this crazy bunch manages a living while evading the police and how they ultimately establish their innocence along with roping in the fugitives with a promise of a happy ending of the Hena-Sidhu relation. Thus the events that follow are quite lively but seemed to be cramped with too much of a hurry. The problem appears to stem from the introduction part that seemed a bit too long and the sub-plots that were a bit too many so that the final section lacked the proper time to converge and thus was bound to be oversimplified and abrupt.

Annu Kapoor, no doubt, delivers one of his best performances and Paran Bandyopadhyay, Tanima Sen, Arindam Sil, Saswata Chatterjee and Lama are comically correct with their timings. Shantu Mukherjee, Biplab Chatterjee and the director himself are accurate in their respective characterization that certainly overshadowed Parambrata and Swastika in the lead roles albeit the latter adding a graceful touch.
Review by: Anirban De, CT reported, Kolkata

Brake Fail 2009 Bengali Movie-viewer’s Review

In a recent interview, I heard that this movie was completed before Jackpot. So after watching this movie, you are not justified in asking, how can someone who made an entertaining  light-hearted comedy like Jackpot make a  bizarre  and mindless comedy like “BrakeFail”.

The name ,though is quite justified in the sense that the plot moves as haphazardly  as a car with failed brakes. What was meant to be a tribute to Hrishikesh Mukherjee turns out to be almost an insult. The main plot revolves around a Hindu car-mechanic (Parambrata) in love with a Muslimgirl (Swastika). But, the main plot leads to a number of subplots, which leads to utter confusion and chaos. Parambrata hams and remains as stiff as a pillar throughout. Swastika looks beautiful, but that is all she manages to do in the entire movie. Even powerful actors like  Saswataand , Kaushik Ganguly himself fail  to raise above the weak script. Annu Kapoor acts as a surprise package, acts the role of “Papaji” well.

It is awful that in the entire timespan of thisso-called comedy, laughs come only from the woe of elderly couple Paran Bandopadhyay and Tanima Sen.The music (Neel dutt) and cinematography are plain ordinary. The dialogues, instead of making you laugh,makes you cringe. Just pray, Kaushikda’s next  movie “Chhaya Chhobi” starring Rituparno ghosh will act as a balmfor all those ,who sat through “Brake fail”.

Brake Fail Movie Rating:1/5
Movie Review by Kanishka, CT contributor, Kolkata

Brake Fail (2009) Bengali Movie
Brake Fail (2009) Bengali Movie

17 thoughts on “Brake Fail (2009) Bengali Film

  1. I must say the songs in Brake Fail are wonderful. Chandrabindu is however very boring with their “Protibeshir Proti Beshi Beshi bhalobasa”. Could have been much better.

  2. lovely movie,a must watch movie for all.very nicely directed by Kaushik Ganguly.all the songs r lovely spcly “shore shore jay”.everybody acted so well and Swastika-Param lookd gr8 together,I really enjoyed ths movie,so if u like sweet light comedy then go for it.

  3. Well Gaan gulor quality ektu better than average. Chandrabindur kotha agei bolechi.

    Nochiketa is probably trying to go to Bollywood and playback SRK. or He wants to be famous as a gazal singer. “Hey Rabba, rang milade re Rabba” type ekta gaan acche – full hindi.

    1 ta rabindra sangeet use kora hoyeche jetar suruta besh bhalo.

  4. comedy movie anek somoi hasi ta jor kore ana hoe, eta ekta satti assadharon movie jeta dekhe haste haste pagol hoe gechi…eto jomat bunot ei golper, eto attractive dialogue…rhythmic movie, ek muhurto bore koreni…koekjon er acting durdhosso…na dekhle miss korben-sabbai…

  5. I deeply regret my mistake of mentioning the name of Rudraneel,I was probably a little absent-minded.Thanks to Sumi for pointing that out.I appreciate the fact that some have loved the movie,though I stand by my review.As far as I know,the film has met with mixed reactions.Telegraph reviewed the movie as superb,and they are known to be accurate.But,you will notice that the review has been done by Rudranil Ghosh.So,whether it is an unbiased review
    seems a question to me,seeing that the only fault he found was lack of promotion,
    which I feel is quite exaggerated.

  6. New Review by CT journalist Anirban De added. To him, Brake Fail is a “Refreshing Relief”.

    So, now here is someone who agrees with Sumi.

    We can have a better rating for the movie.

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