Boyfriend proposes Russian TV anchor on air

Moscow, May 20 (IANS/RIA Novosti) A presenter with an English television channel in Russia has got the marriage proposal from her boyfriend – live on air. An English journalist for Arab news network Al Jazeera, Neave Barker, proposed to Russia Today (RT) presenter Anna Fedorova on the channel’s Prime Time Russia programme.

Barker’s proposal came as a surprise to Anna, but she accepted and Barker was applauded by RT staff as he presented her with a wedding ring.

Barker was invited into the show to discuss the ‘Night at the Museum’ project held in Moscow last weekend, but broke off discussions to pop the question.

‘Anya, it is time for me to ask you a question. Everybody knows about it apart from you – your co-presenter Neil Harvey, the whole newsroom knows about it, your mother and father know about it…,’ he said.

‘For people who watching our programme for the first time and unaware what is happening – Anya and I have been happy boyfriend and girlfriend for nearly two years… and I want to ask a very important question: Anya Fedorova, will you marry me?’ Barker asked.

–IANS/RIA Novosti


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