Book Review-The First Thanksgiving Feast by Joan Anderson

The First Thanksgiving Feast is a book by Joan Anderson with fictional dialogues based on the anecdotes found from historical documents. Read the book review at Calcutta Tube.

Book Review-The First Thanksgiving Feast by Joan Anderson

Photographed by George Ancona

Clarion Books

A collection of the important personalities on the Mayflower including Strangers and Saints, with fictional dialogues on the first settling in the new land,  the Thanksgiving feast, giving a brief view of the early pilgrims lives.

Also has a collection of pictures of modern men dressed like the Pilgrims, Indians.

The description of the Thanksgiving feast in the book is based on the hand accounts of the original feast found in books of Plymouth Plantations, etc.

The book is more like a story narrated by the author with fictional dialogues.

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