Book Review-Karin’s Christmas Walk by Susan Pearson

Karin’s Christmas Walk is a Christmas book by Susan Pearson. Read the book review at CalcuttaTube.

Bluefield May 4, 2010: Karin’s Christmas Walk is a Christmas book by Susan Pearson and the pictures are by Trinka Hakes Noble. Read the book review at CalcuttaTube.

Little Karin looks forward to Uncle Jerry’s visit her family for Christmas. That is what makes her Christmas extra special. Mama always cooks meatballs when Uncle Jerry comes. Karin has a lot favorite memories with her uncle. They go out in the woods naming the birds, and Uncle Jerry always lets her win. After Christmas they all play snowball fights and build snow castles.  Uncle Jerry has also opened her a new bank account. And above all, Uncle Jerry has interesting pets – a tabby, a bird, and a sheep dog.

It is Christmas eve, and her uncle has not arrived yet.  Karin’s mother sends her to run to the grocery store. A blizzard is going to hit the town. So if Uncle Jerry does not make it soon, he will not be able to come this Christmas. As Karin walks down the blocks to the store and back home, she meets her friends and neighbors who ask her about her uncle. Her mind is filled up with hopes and excitement. But she reaches their driveway, there is parked her uncle’s red pickup.  He has made it. Karin pauses for a moment before making an entrance to the house, sipping the happiness of the moment.

A cute story with nice illustrations. We all have uncle Jerry in some forms or the other in our lives who we eagerly wait to see all year round.

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