Book Review-I Call My Grandpa Papa by Ashley Wolf

Sept 5, 2010: Book Review-I Call My Grandpa Papa by Ashley Wolf

Tricycle Press, Berkeley / Toronto

I Call My Grandpa Papa is a book for young readers by Ashley Wolf. The book is about grandfathers and how many different names they have all around the world and no matter which country or culture they come from, they are all very special in our lives. Buy the book online.

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Miss Alexandra May’s grandfather from China visits her class and her students get to show him the pictures they have drawn of their own grandpas and share their stories.

Grandfathers are very special in all our lives and they all have different names. We come to know how many different names with which we call our grandfathers in different countries in the world and in different languages – Abuelo in Spanish, Dadu in Bengali, Papi in French and so on. There is in fact a cool list of many different synonyms of grandfather in different languages at the end of the book.

Great rhyming story that in which the kids in Miss May’s class tell us about their grandfathers and how they share special time with them- like going to the library, playing catch, doing magic, etc. One of them even do not have his grandpa, but his next door neighbor is just like his ‘Papa-T .

The book is full of colorful illustrations by the author.

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