Book on mental depression unveiled in Kolkata

Kolkata, June 17 (IBNS): Leading bookstore chain Oxford Bookstore and publisher Aadarsh Pvt Ltd on Saturday hosted the book launch ‘Reclaim Life Fight Depression’, penned by psychiatrist and social worker Dr. Hiranmay Saha.

The book was released by GTA (Gorkha Territorial Administration) chairman Shyamal Sen along with National Association for the Blind West Bengal Secretary Kanchan Gaba.

Saha said: “My aim is to create awareness about mental depression because in a country like India it is not possible to reach every corner. And our job is to aware everyone.”

“Research says by 2020, mental depression would become second devastating disease in the world and there is a dire need of awareness among the people that will help them fight depression,” he said.

He said that the book tells about the symptoms of depression, how to overcome them and real life stories that narrate how the patients survived.

“Mental depression is just a disease and is treatable. But it has to be you who will identify the changes in daily life that leads to depression,” Saha informed.

He said: “Whenever your daily life is hampered for a long time you should realize there is something wrong. Extreme lethargy and sadness in mind without any reason are the most visible symptoms of depression. Suicidal tendencies are the last stage of mental depression. ”

Kanchan said: “The book will teach people to find out whether they are suffering from depression or not.”

“Keeping the scenario in mind we find many people going through tension. It can be due to monetary reason, promotion, health etc. This tension turns into anxiety and this anxiety turns into depression.”

“So it is very important to understand the difference between anxiety and depression.”

Commenting on the easiest way of overcoming depression, Saha said: “There is no hard and fast rule to overcome depression but there are so many ways that will help you do so. You can indulge yourself in whatever makes you happy… it can be outing, exercise or yoga.”

But he cautioned saying: “There is a tendency of denial among the Indian people. They avoid visiting psychiatrist due to shame. They feel that they may be termed as mad by others.”

“People must understand this is just an illness and is curable.”

The book has already been released in four Indian languages that include English, Hindi, Bengali and Assamese.

Talks are on to release this book in 20 more languages worldwide, said the author.

(Reporting by Tania Roy)

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