BONDHU ESHO TUMI (2010) Bengali Movie Review

Review Bengali Film-BONDHU ESHO TUMI – TERRIBLE: Bondhu Esho tumi is a 2010 Bengali movie directed by Partha Sarathi Joardar starring Tanushree, Sujoy, Victor Banerjee, Tanima Sen, Rajesh Sharma and others. A romantic love story as the latest Bengali film release.

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Bondhu Esho Tumi Sujoy and Ranya
Bondhu Esho Tumi Sujoy and Ranya

Cast and Crew:

  • Banner: MCP Productions
  • Director: Parthosarathi Joardar
  • Music: Sanchayita
  • Background score: Pradip Chakraborty
  • Lyrics: Priyo Chatterjee
  • Cast: Tanushree, Sujoy, Victor Banerjee, Tanima Sen, Rajesh Sharma, Joyjeet, Jayanta, Pulokita
  • Rating: 1/10

Bondhu Esho Tumi Sujoy and Tanushree
Bondhu Esho Tumi Sujoy and Tanushree

Bondhu Esho Tumi tells a hackneyed love tale that is practically coming out of our ears since we were knee-high. It is the done-to-death story of the middle-class Rahul (Sujoy) who falls in love at first sight with poor-little-rich-girl Raima (Tanushree). In addition to being filthy rich, Raima has a guardian-cum-brother who is a mafia don (Rajesh Sharma) who bashes up anyone and everyone who so much as looks in her direction. The first time we see him packing his bunch of goons to beat up a young guy, the victim’s widowed mother screams that her son is blind. This mafia don runs a police state and both his wife and his sister are terrified of him. How Rahul practically comes alive after being left to die by Rajesh’s goons on the beaches of Digha to beat up everyone and triumph in love makes for the incredible violence that dots the film.

What does Rahul do for a living? He does not do anything. He does not even go to college. Yet, we discover him painting in the open fields when the film begins. He never wields a paintbrush ever again. Once, we see him strumming the guitar though his fingers remain still. Sorry, he is not into music either. His father (Victor Banerjee) is a failed director who wears a pigtail and bears his wife (Tanima Sen)’s screaming decibels with his own brand of humour. It is sad to see such a significant actor cut such a sorry figure in a film that should not show up on his filmography. The same applies to the talented Tanima Sen who is wasted in a badly written role. The mystery of Rahul’s financial background deepens when we see that there is no earning member and yet Rahul wanders around pining for his lady love. Rajesh Sharma does not care about his sister’s wearing skimpy skirts and spaghetti tops and hot pants despite his abnormal possessiveness about her. He decides to pack her off to London overnight sidetracking the need for a visa or a passport. The next moment, he informs her that her marriage has been fixed. So the two run off to Digha but are trapped by the local henchmen the brother has specially hired to finish Rahul off.

Bondhu Esho Tumi Tanya and Sujoy
Bondhu Esho Tumi Tanya and Sujoy

The shooting crew and cast seem to have combined business with pleasure. All the song-and-dance sequences have been shot in Bangkok, Pattaya and Digha. But the pleasure seems to have overshadowed the business aspect because nothing comes out of these foreign and home jaunts. The cityscape of Bangkok and Pattaya do not flatter these lovely towns at all, no thanks to the unimaginative cinematography that captures the tall buildings in all the wrong angles. Sanchayita’s debut as music director is an unimpressive as Priyo Chattopadhyay’s lyrics. But it is not their fault really because their creativity had to keep pace with the quality of the film. The script practically jumps between and among Rahul and Raima’s love story with its yawns and hiccups, Rahul’s three ambitious but stupid friends’ incredibly absurd comic capers and the song-dance routines. It is amusing to find a very badly executed sketch of Satyajit Ray on one of the living room walls of Rahul’s home because his father is a film director. The sketch rubs shoulders with a black-and-white framed working still of Ray. When this man finally bags a producer, he at once dons the director’s ‘uniform’ of a beret, denim trousers and shirt covered with the mandatory jacket. But the producer tells him to bring the girls who would act in his film for some ‘fun’ at holiday jaunts and Victor marches out of his office! He is killed off by the henchmen when he refuses to reveal the whereabouts of Rahul and Raima. Very soon, his widow, dressed in starched white and with hair hanging loose, comes to the mafia don’s home and blows on a conch-shell. It is to indicate the war her son has declared against his would-be brother-in-law.

Bondhu Tumi Amaar Tanushree and Sujoy
Bondhu Tumi Amaar Tanushree and Sujoy

Sujoy looks as if he has recovered from some ailment because he is not given any make-up. Next to Tanushree who is dressed up to her teeth with make-up to match, he really looks terrible and one wonders what made Raima fall in love with him in the first place. Sujoy’s acting is also without expression and he almost looks like he has walked out of the woodwork. The three bumbling idiots make such big fools of themselves that you are tempted to rest your head on the back of your seat and go to sleep if you already haven’t. This critic would strongly advice you to keep away from approaching this film in case the title is addressed to you, (Bondhu) a friend, to walk into the theatre and share the agonies of Rahul and Raima.

by Shoma A. Chatterji

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